O Student, Don't Lose Your Focus

Wednesday 01-Jun-2022, 4:10AM / 1688

 Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem 

None of our teachers in the Sunnah, home and abroad, can be perfect. We will continue to see errors in their Da'wah dispositions. Those errors may be grave sometimes, just be patient with your teachers. Call their attention to those errors in the best of manners, and never you follow any scholar over any clear-cut error. But please don't disparage your Sunnah teachers. 

However don't allow the fake and sudden 'custodians' of Sunnah dissuade you from your teachers. They hate that you continue to learn from your teachers. They are blind to their own flaws, and are always ready to excuse their own vicious clique. Those fake souls have nothing to offer but to leave you perpetually confused, and make you have ill-feelings towards your teachers. Don't be deceived by their cry of calling to the Kibaar. If Shaykh Rabee, Shaykh Ubayd, etc, see what they preach and do here they will disown them. 

May Allaah take out the rest of the brothers and sisters under their bondage. By Allaah, I have first-hand confessions of those whom Allaah had taken out of their grip, sad news. A life of suspicion, a life of mistrust, a life no scholar in Nigeria, everyone is mubtadi except they. They leave an average follower of them in a spiritual depression whereby they make him hate every Muslim not in their line including their fathers and kith-and-kin. 

The good news is that such Da'wah does not last. At least before now the Musa'afiqah and Sa'afiqah were one, very soon the Musa'afiqah will split into musaifeeqah and museefayqah, and Sa'afiqah to Su'aifiqah and Su'aifeeqah. Just watch out. 

Their Da'wah is an example of a Da'wah heading to a self-annihilation. We told them during the Jabata days, we are telling them again.

Wallaahul musta'an.

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Name: Fawziyyah
Wednesday 01-Jun-2022, 4:24AM
Comment: Jazaakumullahu khayran sir..
Name: Olanrewaju Rafiu
Wednesday 01-Jun-2022, 4:40AM
Comment: Baarokallohu feekum yah sheikh,jazaakumullohu khayron.
Name: Kifaya
Wednesday 01-Jun-2022, 5:59AM
Comment: Jazakumullahu khayran. Comforting!.
Name: Tomzy
Wednesday 01-Jun-2022, 6:13AM
Comment: Jazakallahu khayraa sir. Allah oni da lakayi yin ru..
Name: Ola Adig
Tuesday 27-Sep-2022, 2:31AM
Comment: Brother stop misleading the gullible ones under your bondage with this tamyi'ee manhaj of yours. Also, most of what you wrote here about those you intend with your writings is nothing but ignorance and lies. What you accused those individuals of can also be found in this article of yours. Insha Allah, this article shall be taken to the Facebook for others to see your ignorance and be refuted..