The Social Media: To Quit or Not to Quit?

Tuesday 13-Sep-2022, 12:00PM / 450

(This comical piece is inundated with local nuances. Apologies to non-Yoruba and Pidgin speaking people).

The best way to quit this space (Facebook and other social media platforms) is to leave unannounced, when you want to quit and you announce it, to me, me ni o, you are not ready.

To quit this place is the best option for little students like me (I am saying it with all clarity and no infirmity of the mind), alhamdulilaah our big Mashaayikh are on ground to dispel the corruption of the Deen that may set in at any point in time. If you still see me here, which is most likely, I am not serious to leave níyen. When you don't see me I don comot níyen (I almost wrote 'japa' then I remembered we have been counselled against such terms).That day of quiting is surely coming Inshaa Allaah, if not alive then by death. Or shey we no go die one day? 

A better option is to go for a serious learning. By Allaah, if one wants to become like bn Baz, Al-Albaanee, Al-Uthaymeen, etc, one can't stay put here. This with no prejudice to our mashaayikh who are already on that path of scholarship, baarakaallaahu feehim.

Don't let 'we are benefitting from you' people deceive you. Islamic scholarship is not moin-moin and akara.

Even if you are grounded in learning you will always see that you have a lot to cover. How many of us have read Tafseer Ibn Katheer pali to pali? Qurtubi nko? Tabaree na wa nibe o. I am sure you would have finished Tahdheeb Tahdheeb not to talk of Taqreeb Tahdheeb (Let's leave out Tahdheeb Al-Kamããl! Don't mention al-Kamããl gan gan o Abegl Tadreeb Raawee, yes! Fat'h Baaree (and that of Ibn Rajab, don't forget Umdatul Qaaree), sure! Fat'hu Majeed, tipe tipe, you said, àbí?. Yes someone alluded he has finished Majmu Fatawa the other time! Maasha Allaah!

Al-Mughni Ibn Qudaamah! Al-Istidhkaar! Al-Mudawwanah

Whole of volumes written Ibn Qayyim nko? And Ibn al-Jawzy? Saheeh Al-Bukhaaree and the rest of Kutub Sittah! The Masaanid, al-Ajzaa, Sunan. 

Pls stop it!

I will not...

Shar'h aqeedatu waasitiyyah is some volumes

Riyaad Saaliheen! Haba, dat one easy nau. Shar'h Arbaaeen and Umdatul Ahkaam!

For sure you have read Usool Thalaathah very well and Ar'baoon Nawawiyyah. Are you sure? Please talk true! 

Classical níyen o, let's come to the contemporary volumes...Silsilah Saheehah, Silsilah Daeefah, Saheeh Jaami, Daeef Jaami, Qawl Mufeed, Majmoo Fatawa bn Baz... 

Wait, have you even read the Qur'aan (not recite o) from Faatihah to Naas and understood its meaning? 

Pls stop it!

I don hear. 

We have all passed! Let's continue the Da'wah! 

Or haven't we? 

Someone just asked: Must I know everything before I do Da'wah?

Did I say so? Help me answer him, e dakun.

Do your Da'wah dakun let those who get sense use their sense, na dem I dey follow talk. 

E dakun o, awa business men and women nko?   Toor, do your business o. But you women should fear Allaah. Many of you are outside, with your social media plartfoms, while you are supposed to be inside. I no wan talk too much go dat side, dem don caution me.

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Name: Sulton Babatunde Durojaye
Tuesday 13-Sep-2022, 1:25PM
Comment: Continuous wastage of time thinking it's all right to be social, available and vocal(mentality of "ẹ sọ tiyin k'emi náà sọ témi") . Back to modrasah.
Name: Abdulazeez Ridwan Olajide
Wednesday 14-Sep-2022, 3:39AM
Comment: Honestly I really love this. You talk nothing but true though some people might have different ideas but Wallohi ORO ọgbọ́n ni... BaarakaLlaohu feequm.