On Saheed Shittu

Thursday 06-Oct-2022, 6:10AM / 278

Saheed Shittu's Da'wah had never for a day been upon anything close to the Sunnah, he is purely a bull in a China shop. He destroys more than he builds. 

It is however disheartening to see some of our brothers getting close to him perhaps upon the thought that they can change him, may Allaah pardon them for that unassailable wish. 

It is quite obvious now that if that man is not told he will very soon bite those who think they can mend him (if sincerely that's their thought), or is he not biting them already? 

As for the unrepentant backers and hailers (subtle or otherwise) of Saheed Shittu, please go and know that you share in the inequity of Saheed Shittu against the Sunnah and its people in this part of the world.

By Allaah, why would a supposed Sunnah platform air programmes of a misfit like Saheed Shittu? By Allaah, why?

Sincerely, Saheed Shittu is not the problem but whoever among those ascribing themselves to the Sunnah patting him in the back under whatever guise.

Saheed Shittu, it is not late for you to mend your ways. Be told again, Da'wah of Sunnah is not hooliganism and gangsterism. Kindly go and learn it from the scratch. You either close down your plartforms or allow those who have the knowledge to handle it.

Lastly, your latest verbal onslaught against the people of Sunnah in defence of your misguided mentor will never affect the Sunnah in the least. It will rather consume you, Inshaa Allaah. 

May Allaah guide you, Saheed Shittu.

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