Saidi Shittu!

Friday 13-Jan-2023, 5:26PM / 2605

At this point in time it is not proper to say to our brothers who 'thought' they could make a positive impact on him 'it served you right.' Our brothers would have been convinced now that they tried but

إذا كان الطباع طباع سوء...فلا آدب يفيد ولا أديب
'When a man's innate nature is moral nor moral teacher can be of help'

The guy is simply afflicted! He needs a ruqyah! If some three of you come across him, throw him down, pin him and read Faatihah, Ayatul Kursiyy etc on him perhaps Allaah will heal him.

To our brothers who 'were' with him then, don't be scared of his blackmail. His greatest blackmail is to recount 'his' favour on you. He said that in his latest video. I know he has more to reveal. I heard him saying it that 'all of you want to put yourselves to shame.' He would probably say he bought phones for you, bought cars, bought land, bought...bought. Don't let that scare you. Though if you had sought that from him then, then learn a lesson now, but if he gave them to you without asking then he can continue his rambling on the streets of Amsterdam, or where does he say he does his glorified white-man job? See his foolish self shouting about the street like a gangster. 

Yes we should all learn a lesson..He is not exempting anybody, he said 'all of you are mad' He repeatedly said something similar. If any of us should think 'I am not among those whom he is referring to' then that 'any of us' is not thinking well, I don't want to say that 'any of us' is foolish.

'Your friend is shamed and you are smiling.'

He tore that gentle and scholarly Abu Sufyaan into pieces. He was making jibes at Imaam Kutubi. He was sending salvos to the Mashaayikh at Amukoko. Didn't he speak ill of Shaykh Qamarudeem Yûnus a couple of days ago?

Forget it, all of you will be served his breakfast.

The good news however is that that 'Shaykh' he is scattering the street for will be served too. It's a matter of time Inshaa Allaah. No right-sense person should have a person like Saidi Shittu as a friend and say it out. The hooliganism of his Sunday Igboho's days is just a hundred minus two.

Well, you may continue to wrestle with him in his mud of dirt but for sure you will come out with some dirt.

If I were you, I would treat him a safeeh (nicompoop) he is by not dignifying him with a worthy reply.

By Allaah if everybody including 'everybody', home and abroad, ignores him, he will not last a month Inshaa Allaah. He would bark and bark and bite himself.

Focus on those we think have some knowledge but are misled by their desires, the like of Daar Naeem folks, but when their attack dogs brandish their canine, throw some bones at them and focus on their masters.

Aa ji re o.

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