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Friday 19-May-2023, 5:08PM / 800

'You have raised a valid point.

This is one of the reasons one should not raise much hope when you see some people refute the boys.

I have carefully observed that it is like counting scores, the like of APC vs PDP, and LP vs APC.

In some of those threads you will notice needlless jest, mockery and going the way of the secular people.

Some people who are themselves questionable in their manhaj are puffing up, feeling the coast has been cleared for them.

The worst of it is this one you raised - carelessly promoting heretics, living and gone. A subtle way of reinvigorating the mix-up manhaj fought severely in the past.

Some of them even share skits and comedies, and other supposed Salafis laugh it off.

May Allaah rectify ME....and them.'

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Name: Abdulazeez Ridwan Olajide
Friday 19-May-2023, 10:18PM
Comment: Àmín FajazakumuLlaohu koiroon Yah Ustādhanah. FaWallohi it is saddening seen our brothers in this state of things on media. and that's exactly what those guys are bragging and claiming of! (serious #salafi) of which they might right but with wrong #manhaj, the worst part of this is the Sisters relation with our so called Salafi brothers" and Sought is the aid of Allah!!! Nevertheless "as we are warning and waging again the extremist, we shouldn't neglect and left off the laxitys as well as". May Allah rectify our affairs and preserve our lives together. ©Abu Umaamah Olajide.