Whom Do We Do Taqleed of, Between You and Al-Albaani?

Friday 17-Nov-2023, 6:49AM / 204

Al-Albaani is explaining an Islamic concept and you too, you fa, that has no scholar endorsing you, is explaining it and you want us to take your word and drop that of Al-Albaani!

Are we mad ni?

Even between Shaykh Al-Albaani and Shaykh Rabee, if we are to do taqleed of any of them, we will do the taqleed of the person whom Shaykh Rabee himself will do taqleed of, and that is Al-Albaani.

Muhaddith Al-Asr.

It seems you are just new into this Sunnah.

Can you tell us when you first heard of Al-Albaani?

May Allaah bestow His Mercy on Al-Albaani and preserve Shaykh Rabee on goodness.

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