To the Sa'afiqah, Ilorin Central Branch, Nigeria

Friday 17-Nov-2023, 6:51AM / 35

Sa'afiqah Ilorin Nigeria Central Branch says there is no true scholar of Sunnah all of South West Nigeria, and Ilorin, worthy of taking knowledge from.

This is Manhaj Agbakan!

Ghulluw! Ghulluw! Ghulluw!

The Messenger of Allaah - sallallahu alayhi wa sallam - said:

هلك المتنطعون (ثلاثا)
"Destroyed are the extremists (he said it three times)'. 

Those teaching you this from UK are poising you to destruction very soon unless you repent.

You are practically declaring all those scholars as mubtadioon as well as the teeming population of Sunnah people.

What is the difference between you and the fellow that said all the Muslims of the world are Kuffar (in terms of passing judgement on the populace blanketly)?

Abu Anwar, Sofiyullah, Tawfeeq Abu Bilaal, Abu Affaan bn Mazruuq, Faaroouq SD,, Mubaarak Olayemi, Luqman Abdurauf, etc, all of you should fear Allaah and tread with care. When you would realize the havoc you would have caused on yourselves, it would have become very late.

You can note this day.

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