Aboo Naasir Since the Early 2000

Wednesday 24-Jan-2024, 7:03AM / 96

Aboo Naasir - hafidhahullaah - wrote 'Marriage to Minor' in the early 2000.

In the book, he defended the honour of Hisham bn Ur'wah, a narrator some Muslim critics of hadeeth Saheeh targeted. They said he suffered Ikhtilaat (memory loss at old age), also that he had some manaakir which he attributed to his father, Ur'wah, the son of Az-Zubayr bn Awwam and Asmaa bint Abee Bakr, may Allaah be pleased with all.

All that Aboo Naasir quenched one after the other. 

They said things about Saheeh Al-Bukhari too despite the fact that virtually all of the Six Collectors recorded the hadeeth.

Aboo Naasir - hafidhahullaah - stood in defence of Al-Imaam Al-Bukhari too, being vigorously factual about that. 

In essence, he blocked a  hole some unscrupulous elements wanted to enter to cause doubts about some authentic reports.

That was in the early 2000.

We used to marvel at such feat, and of course, looked up to him. 

May Allaah the Mighty Lord preserve Aboo Naasir and other teachers of Sunnah on goodness.

They really held the fort for all the later Sunnah people in those days.

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