On Two or More Wives in An Apartment

Tuesday 06-Feb-2024, 11:42PM / 257

Ash-Shaykh Abdulghaniyy Jumuah - hafidhahullaah - said this about the issue.
Then I commented as follows:

Baarakallahu fee Shaykh, wa fee saair al-mashaayikh.

As usual,

تكلم بلسان اعتدال.

Our other Shaykh that spoke on the matter the other time did so from an understandable perspective.

May Allaah preserve all of them on goodness.

Just as the Shaykh said here, two things are paramount in the issue: people's culture and acceptance by the woman.

The Sahabiyaat accepted how their husbands' standards of living were until things turned around for better. Going out to mazbalah to defecate every night was not easy, but these righteous women endured it.

There was even a report that the room of our mother, Aaishah, was so small that if one raised the hand it would touch the roof.

Radiyyallaahu an'ha.

Our young brothers and sisters of today need to be careful about issues like this. I saw and read some comments from some inexperienced fellows and I was smiling.

If you don't know, many of the brothers with several kids today who live in mansions and ride big cars started from a very lowly side of life with their wives. Some of these brothers married their wives when they had nothing, some no even get mattress. It is not a joke o.

Allaah blessed the nikaah.

Brothers, you may marry a wife into a mansion today and find yourself in a village tomorrow. Will you kill yourself? You may wish to ask how the Muslims of Gaza are coping in refugee camps, with their wives and kids.

You may have a good job today and lose it tomorrow. It can happen and the heaven would not cleave asunder. Will you divorce your that beautiful wife?

Who does not what a beautiful house, a good ride, a wide garden with a swimming pool and a basket ball court? But can we all have that?

In our culture, wives stay together in dwellings happily and satisfactorily, according to their husband means.

Have you heard of Baa-shiga dwellings in the north, multiple families living in the same compound with their wives happily and gandunly.

The main thing is, do the wives have their privacies, and are they pleased with it.

Yes if a woman is not pleased with that, the husband must provide what she wants for her, and if he can't, let the woman go back to her father's house and wait for the man who can provide what she desires for her.

Once again, it is culture and ridaa. Go and listen to all the scholars again very patiently.

No-flat, no nikaah da'wah will only leave many young brothers and sisters unmarried for a long time, when that occurs you know the implications. Zeenah, liwaat, masturabation, etc.

Do you think men who marry more than one wives do that for the fun of it?

You are still new in life.

Please stop displaying your crass inexperience, don't cause problem to tens of Muslim homes trying their best in this biting economy.

May Allaah continue to provide for all the husbands and their wives, and make their lives better. 

Baarakallahu feekum, Abu Al-Barakaat, once again.

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