My First and the Last Time Inshaa Allaah, for You, Abu Firdaws Al-Lakawi al-Maftoon

Saturday 23-Mar-2024, 4:52PM / 761

One miskeen in knowledge is comparing (in a shared piece) the Ai'mah who died at their tender ages with his teachers here, insinuating that if those Ai'mah were regarded as big scholars, his own kosongbo teachers in their 20's, 30's, 40's are so eminently qualified. 

All in the name of wanting to say your teachers merit being called 'shuyookh'. Your teachers should know that if some sycophant and praising singing students like you are deceiving them with these tashyeekhaat (such that you are fighting one another over it to the extent of doing hajr), as some people deceive many of us too, they should not gba ìtàn je

Ẹ má kan tí ẹ jọra yín lójú o. Ti kí base social media ti o fi àyè gba ìranu.

It is a matter of time, you too would turn around and lalase them. O ju wa ni ó ṣe, Inshaa Allaah, kí ṣe é pé. I am sure your praise singing of your teachers can not reach what the Pristine Boys did for your teachers in the past such that they said whoever loved them was a Salafi and whoever hated them was a person of bid'ah. Today nkọ?

I know this will hurt you, and you will be pushed to lalase mi again as you normally do. You are not the first one I would tell this. I told Shabaabiy (alhamdulillah he is better today), I told Mas'ud al-Blocky (I don't know where he is today), I told Temmy, (that called me a mubtadi for not denying the Mashaayikh at Amukoko), so I am telling you yours tonight, Inshaa Allaah, I will never react to you again.

So over to you, Aboo Firdaws Al-Lakawi who sleeps and wakes in Fitnah of South West region of Nigeria. 

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