The 'Crimes' of Dr Faadil According to the Ghulaat in Ilorin

Saturday 23-Mar-2024, 5:07PM / 1474

They said Dr Faadil is Akhass (more useless) than the people of bid'ah (they were very shy to say he is a mubtadi, another failure of their Ilzaam). Ejigbo hinted on this having said he was with his comrades qalban wa qaaliban, and Abu Nabeel commented trying to straighten the statement of Ejigbo then affirming that Dr Faadil is actually Akhass than the people of desires. 

That Dr Faadil was wrong to liken the man in Agege to a howling dog (as Shaykh Muqbil did of Qaradawee). They all celebrated it then (until Dr Faadil cautioned them on their extremism). We don't what they will say about Shaykh Muqbil now.

That Dr Faadil was wrong to have been too harsh against Mufti Tableegh of Iwo. So if he says they were disrespectul to him, he too was disrespectful to Mufti Tableegh, and in fact, he was being affected by youthful exuberance which he was cautioned against by his teachers back in Madeenah. They questioned the efficacy of the refutations Dr Faadil did then on Mufti Tableegh. Even though it is clear to all that Allaah used those refutations to silence Mufti Tableegh, and of course made some Tableeghis to repent. 

That Dr for to say Baba Imrân is not a mubtadi has made him to put a step on inihiraaf (deviation), so he has been deviating since then. (Note, we are not with Dr here too but we will not castigate him for that). 

That Dr too has in him about 8 features of Jabata Phase II which he accused them and the Pristine Boys of. 

That Dr is arrogant for not coming out to retract from his 'mistakes' any time he 'commits' them therefore he is arrogant for not addressing his mistakes as they point them out to him.

That Dr was wrong to have the gut to tell Tanimola that his calling Baba Adama a Taaghoot was wrong. That who is Dr to say that? 

That Dr was wrong to say 'they remove people from Islam anyhow even if the person comes to the masjid; they remove people from the Sunnah anyhow even if the person calls to it now and then'. 

That it means Dr believes that a person coming to the masjid (like Elegungun) is not a kaafir, therefore Dr, a whole Dr of Aqeedah, is ignorant of basic principles of takfeer and tabdee. In fact he is going against the foundations laid down by the Ai'mah such as Shaykhul Islam Muhammad bn Abdulwahab - rahimahullah. 

That they (Ejigbo, Tanimola, Abu Nabeel, Abu Maryam Balogun, etc) are the Agba Afa (Senior Scholars) labouring laylan wa naharan (day and night) in the service of Sunnah in Yorùbáland.

(As extracted from their publicly released individual audios from their only-admins-can-post WhatsApp 'Council' of the Ghulaat where they discuss and castigate the people of Sunnah who oppose their false and extreme manhaj). 

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