How Many Times Have We Nearly Died?

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Written July 5, 2012


We two schoolboys sneaked out of school
To nearly die
Around Oke-Odunwo
I can still see the picture
That was in the new '90s
Our bus finished a hill
And faced a truck u-turning just other side
We screamed 'cause we thought it's death
But we escaped!
Only by the mercy of the Merciful
That was just an instance
Now how many kisses and hugs?
With death!
Cocoa pods falling on the head
Fall from mango tree
Bus swerving and skidding
Everyday we miss death!
Death! Death! Everywhere
How many accidents have we seen?
Yet we travel on the death traps
We walk beside them
Building collapse nko?
The mistake bombing from Cantonment
Just few days ago there was a plane crash
Just behind a friend's dwelling
And two nights ago
The Almighty showed His Might
There's a near death
I would have gone as
I came alone
And the heavens would not cleave asunder
We owe Him the gratitude
For letting us be
He's our Lord the day we shall go
Laa muhaal
We'll go
But when, where and how?
I don't know
But for sure we'll go
Through a means -
Fire or water!
Hot or cool!
Death is death
We ask Allaah for death upon Faith
In His Oneness
And the Messengership of His Mustafa
SalaLlaahu alayhi wa sallam.

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