Bid'ahs Are Worse than Sins

Thursday 14-Feb-2019, 8:36AM / 1761

Bashaar bn Bard (d. 168AH) told his friend Hilaal bn Atiyyah (d. 134) :

"O Hilaal, will you take heed to an admonition I have exclusively for you?"

Hilaal said, yes.

He said, " for a long time, you used to steal donkeys and thereafter, you became a Shia. Kindly go back to stealing donkeys for that is better for you than being a Shia! "

- Wafyaatul A'yaan of Ibn Khalkaan (1/425).

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Name: Umu Afsho
Saturday 15-Aug-2020, 2:46PM
Comment: barakalahu fee sir.