The Women Are the Queens

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9th Sha'baan, 1440AH  / 14th April, 2019AD. 

Our world is full of stereotypes against Islam and Muslims in the  garbs of freedoms and equalities. People are subliminally seduced to feel that they stand for equity and justice when they are actual bearers of the banners of the opposites. One such falsehoods some of the people - including those who like to be cosmetically called "Muslim Elites" - is the lie that Islam oppresses the womenfolk!

The texts of the Qur'an and Sunnah clearly show these claims to be what they truly are: falsehoods. Likewise, balanced sense, good reasoning and reality expose the farce in the evil and wicked conspiracy of these haters. One Muslim may out of his own misrepresentation or even personal weakness and proclivities act differently. That would be a Muslim, erring as an individual or a people - as the case may be -, not Islam and its teachings encouraging evil treatment of women.

Today, 6th Sha'ban 1440 (11th April, 2019) here in Makkah al-Mukarramah, reality proved the women-oppression stereotype wrong again, as it does normally and so repeatedly.

Yours sincerely, I was one of those standing just few metres away from the road sign that reads "Jabal 'Umar" behind the King's residence at the exit of the underground tunnel coming from the Bin Laden area of the Blessed City and leading to the Aziziyyah area. Some others too stood there trying to board cabs to their various destinations. 

Whoever is familiar with the Ancient City knows how thick the traffic could be in the area after the Ishaa Prayer in Masjid al-Haram. As vehicles drop off those just arriving the Masjid, trying to make U-turns out of the area, others emerge from the tunnel, making quick stops to pick up passengers. Other vehicles seek ways to get home. The traffic officers come handy to ensure no vehicle causes any further obstruction to the already packed traffic. These men in fine carton brown uniforms are so respected here; when they stop drivers even during normal traffic controls, hearts jump to the mouths. Not to say when the driver commits an offense. 

They accept no plea nor bargain. 

The brother with me and I stopped a taxi but he refused, pointing in the direction of the standing officer. We quickly understood he was afraid of the traffic officer nearby who was watching closely. So we turned to leave the place to a better location where the taxi could at least stop to have us board it.

As we moved away, one from the midst of the all fully veiled women standing near us beckoned on the traffic officer to come close. He went towards them and she said majestically (in Arabic, what means), "Officer, stop a taxi for us..."! 

I wondered why she should make such a request considering the traffic situation. How the order came too was something I don't think women would tell men in other climes without having the man irked. These women here are used to been pampered. The men too see them as a people to preserve against all odds.

We moved on, but I was inquisitive; I wanted to see the events that will follow that order. As if to obey a commander-in-chief, the officer stopped the next taxi, right at the middle of the road!

The driver tried to go off the road which would be a bit away from the location of the women, but the officer signalled him to "Wait and pick them!" 

These veiled and calm women gently got into the taxi one after the other while all other vehicles waited and watched on. Of course, there is a traffic officer in control, no driver would do other than wait patiently. But the looks on faces did not indicate a rejection, it was as if to say, "Alright, women boarding a vehicle." So for them, to wait is just normal.

This is the society about which some people programme their victims to believe women are oppressed! 

"Women are cheated!" They would exclaim and make headlines!

 Here we are, all traffic rules became suspended to bring convenience to the noble fragile vessels. Not just that, the person to do the job is the same individual employed by state  to ensure that the vehicles move at that time. 

But understanding the interplay of limits and exceptions, more so that it involves the woman, he himself stopped the vehicles and invited the women to board. Inconvenience of any bit must not be brought any near them, and when it seems they're inconvenienced, such infractions must be put away as soon as possible.

So let falsehoods remain what they are: utter Falsehoods; Islam teaches that women must be honoured and protected, and that reflects in all the rulings of the Shari'ah regarding the woman.

In one of the many such teachings in authentic Hadith, the Messenger - sallallahu alayhi wasallam  - admonished that women must be treated with compassion, he said, "Listen! I adjure you to ever treat the women kindly..." (Al-Bukhaari and Muslim).

So, when you find him oppressing her and being coarse and harsh towards the woman, you must understand that such a Muslim male is "purely on his own" in that, it has no connection with Islam in any bit. And when you ascribe his errors to Islam, you would just be typifying someone who had gone through an enemy "stereos", thinking him or herself to be civil or modern.

 Written by Abu Naasir Ibraheem AbdurRa'uuf. 

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