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💧 It said about Sa’eed bn Musayyib (d. 94AH, rahimahul Laah):

“For forty years, whenever the Adhaan is made (for any Salaah), Sa’eed would have been in the mosque.”

📚-Tahdheeb at Tahdheb, 4/87.

💧 Wakee’ bn al Jarraah (184AH) narrated: 

“For almost seventy years, Imaam al A’mash (d. 148AH, rahimahul Laah) never missed the first takbeer behind the Imaam.”

📚-Siyar 6/228.

💧 Taqiyud Deen bn Hamzah al Maqdisee (d. 643AH) said:

“I never observed my prayers alone except on two occasions regarding which I felt as if I did not observe them.”

📚-Dhayl Tabaqaatil Hanaabilah, 2/365.

💧 Muhammad bn Samaa’ah at Tameemee (d. 233AH, rahimahul Laah) said:

“For forty years, I did not miss the first takbeer (behind the Imam) except once; when my mother died.”

📚-Tahdheeb at Tahdheb, 9/204.

💧 Imaam `Aamir Ash Sha’bee (d. 103AH) said:

“Since I became a Muslim, no prayer is established except that I am in a state of ablution.”

📚-Siyar, 3/164.

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