Even the Salafi Jinns Hate the people of Bid'ah

Thursday 22-Nov-2018, 5:51AM / 344

Imaam Ahmad bn Nasr al-Khazza'ee (d. 131AH) said:

" I saw a man who got possessed of Jinn and I attempted exorcizing him with recitations to his ears.

A female jinn spoke on his tongue saying:" O Abu AbdilLaah, allow me to strangulate him because he believes the Quran is created. "

???? Tabaqaatul hanaabilah (1/81).

When Imaam Ibn Baaz (rahimahul Laah) heard of the story, he was surprised and said in humor: "May Allaah reward her."

 - Liqaa ma'al ikhwah, tape 4.

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Name: Abu Habeebah
Saturday 24-Nov-2018, 9:50AM
Comment: BaarokaLLAAHU feek.
Name: Abu Khadeejah Al-Atharee
Thursday 29-Nov-2018, 4:45PM
Comment: Wa feek baarakal Mawlaa!.
Name: Ibraheem
Sunday 12-Jan-2020, 10:43AM
Comment: MaaShaa Allaah. BaarakaLLaahu feekum.