Ustaadh Abu Nāsir Ibrāhīm 'Abdur Rauf As I Know Him

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Ustaadh Abu Nāsir IbrāhÄ«m 'Abdur Rauf (may Allaah preserve him on goodness) 

1. He is known to read and explain the books of the scholars.

He had explained:

• Usool as-Sunnah of Imām Ahmad - rahimahullaah. 

• Ash-Shamāil Al-Muhammadiyyah of Imām at Trimidhee - rahimahullaah. 

• Al-Arbaun fi mabāni al Islām wal Qawā'id al Ahkām of Al Imām Abu Zakariyya An Nawawiy - rahimahullaah. 

• Nawāqid al Islām of Imām Muhammad Abdil Wahhāb - rahimahullaah. 

• Sharh as-Sunnah Al-Muzaniy - rahimahullaah. 

• Ashraat as Sā'ah. 

• Ad-Durrar al-Bāhiyyah fÄ« Masāil al Fiqihiyyah of Al Imām Ash Shawkāniy - rahimahullaah. 

• AqÄ«dah ahlil as Sunnah wal Jama'ah of Ash-Shaykh Muhammad bn Saalih. 

• Now explaining Kitāb al Fitan of Shaykh Sulaymān ar Ruhayliy - hafidhahullaah. 

2. He is known to stick to the evidence.

I could remember one day before Zuhr, I was honored to see his call; he discussed with me a certain issue and sealed it with the statement of Imām Ahmad
دين النبيِّ محمدٍ أخبارُ 
نعمَ المطيةُ للفتى الآثارُ! 
لا ترغبنَّ عن الحديث وأهله 
فالرأي ليلٌ والحديث نهارُ

His widespread video on how to pray speaks a lot about him; many students of knowledge took the practical aspect of salah from him.

He calmly explained as-salah with proofs in his class of ad-durar.

3. An incident occurred in his class that establishes that he hates blind following.

It was ad-durar class, he called a student to pray in front of him; the student folded his arm after ruku' and he challenged him. The student briefly explained his stance... And he said (his opinion is to unfold his hand): go on...

4. He is known to refer people back to the books of scholars.

• He had privately referred me to some books (even snapped some for me), and I learned and knew (and still learning and knowing) the names of books and scholars from him.

• In his sittings, he is known to reference his statements. I learnt this from him.

• He does not speak except he has a salaf on it; he is known to mention the names of scholars, why not? He is a scholar of rijāl and and hadith.

• He respects scholars.

A distinct quality was the issue of where  is understanding: the heart or the brain? 

Ash-Shaykh Salih al Usaymin said something different from his, and I asked him.

He said: I don't say what is different from his (or the like of the statement). Later he referred me back to the audio of Al Albaniy.

He said I have been translating for 20 years.

From his works are:

The translation of:

• Sharh Riyād as Sālihīn (in 6 big volumes), Usul ath Thalathah, Aqidah Ahlil As Sunnah wal Jama'ah, and Al Qawl al Mufīd (in 2 big volumes). All are from the works of Ibn 'Uthaymīn.

He once said: I am concentrating on the works of the Shaykh!

• Al Adab al Mufrad (with the explanations of some big scholars)

• Duā' Mustajāb

• Sharh as Sunnah of Al Barbahāriy (translation and annotation)

• Are you Hurt? 20 formulas for a forbearing heart by Ibn Taymiyyah.

And others. 

He has authored:

• Al Albaniy: The Muhaddith of the Century (with Ash-Shaykh Muslim Ameen). 

• Protest. 

• He came to teach you your religion (the detailed explanation of HadÄ«th JibrÄ«l). 

• Marriage To Minors In Islaam &The Truth Concerning The Age Of Aisha (RA) At Marriage. 

• Treatise on Travelling without Mahram

• Defiance

• Talāq

• The Friends of Allāh

• Repentance

• and among others.

Credit to Abu Sumayyah, Abu AmÄ«nah Inenemo & SabÅ«r Kewudirorunwiy. 

• He told me (Abu Sahl) he has been writing a book on the ruling of the mosque (perhaps) since seven years ago...

Ultimately, he is a reviewer of big and beneficial books such as:

• Tafsīr Ibn Kathīr

• Sunan An Nasāiy, and others

If you see a lad saying he only talks, we will say: yes he talks, however with (by Allāh) with evidence!

If you see a lad saying he is mumayi', the least statement we can say is, he (the lad) is affected with the youthful exuberance.

If you know him, tell him: I pity him and his end (if he continues fabricating lies). 

Abu Sahl al Athariy

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Name: Faatemah Ummu Hamzah
Tuesday 20-Apr-2021, 5:32AM
Comment: BaarokaLlaah Feenā I appreciate this piece But did you think is necessary to reply those people calling him Mumayi? Almost everyone knows they're student of Fitnah Doing this might be causing another thing. However I'll advise us not to give reply to any of their ignorance. May Allaah keep protecting Aboo Naasir.
Name: Tajudeen Ibn Mualiyu Alfa Juma'h
Tuesday 20-Apr-2021, 5:47AM
Comment: Be a serious salafiyyah.
Name: Tajudeen Ibn Mualiyu Alfa Juma'h
Tuesday 20-Apr-2021, 5:47AM
Comment: Be a serious salafiyyah.
Name: Muthi'ullah
Tuesday 20-Apr-2021, 8:02AM
Comment: Fact.May Allāh preserve him upon sunnah.
Name: Bint AbdulWahab
Tuesday 20-Apr-2021, 10:29AM
Comment: Jazaakallahu khayran wa Barakallahu feek. May Allaah preserve the ustadh upon good and keep him firm upon this deen, Aamiin. I have learnt a lot from his explanation of these various books. Please where can I get his books?.
Name: AbdulKabir Ridwan Olalekan Aboo Uthaymeen
Tuesday 20-Apr-2021, 1:24PM
Comment: Baarakallahu feeh.
Name: Tajudeen Samsideen
Tuesday 20-Apr-2021, 3:34PM
Comment: BarakAllahu fee.
Name: Hafiz Jibril Abdulmalik
Wednesday 21-Apr-2021, 6:14AM
Comment: Nas Alullhu ayyiwaffiqna littiba'i sunnati Nabiyina ala manhajissalafissalihin.
Name: Tajudeen Tosho Sulaimon
Monday 29-May-2023, 4:57PM
Comment: Please,how can I know the Nigeria currency prices for all shaykh Ibrahim abdur-rohoof Abuu Naasir's textbooks and how can I be getting his lectures on pdf or on WhatsApp?.
Name: Nasir Tahir Muhammed
Thursday 23-Nov-2023, 12:21AM
Comment: naam.
Name: Adam
Monday 11-Mar-2024, 12:15AM
Comment: Pls where can I get Abu Nasir lecture on usul Sunnah immam Ahmad Thanks.