Demeaning Actions, Jobs and Vocations

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Adapted from:
al-Muroo'ah wa khawaarimu'ah

of As-Shaykh Mashoor Hasan Aal Salmaan
[may Allah preserve him]

AlhamduliLlahiwa bi-Hi nasta'een, to proceed.

This article aims at highlighting some actions and professions that may bring humilitiaon to one. They are derived from the book Al Murooah wa Khawaarimuah of Shaykh Mashoor Hasan Aal Salmaan [may Allah protect him].The Shaykh mentioned one hundred and twenty actions and sixty two professions, but for brevity, only thirty eight actions and eighteen vocations would be mentioned here.

1] Collecting reward for teaching Al Quraan and Hadeeth without necessity.
2] Throwing and spraying wedding confetti (such as small papers at the couples or the people at a wedding banquet).
3] To fart aloud while being able to do the opposite.
4] Constant postponement of Salaah from its initial time.
5] Engaging the visitor [with work].
6] Belittling the people.
7] Masturbation [which has various rulings, for details; kindly check pp.73-75 and Bulooghul Minnah of Al-Imaam Ash-Shawkaanee with the verification of Shaykh Mashoor].
8] Eating large portion of food on the pathway or in the market [without necessity like breaking of fast and others].
9] Eating from the place where ones companion's hand is.
10) Excessive and public engagement in playful activities (such as football etc.)
11) Composing [and chatting] poetry at the detriment of more beneficial matters.
12) Urinating on the pathway or publicly.
13) Narrating couples tales of lovemaking and copulation to the people.
14) Speaking about the misdeeds of the people.
15) Abandoning Salaatul Witr.
16) Explicitly uttering statements that the Shariaah holds to be dirty.
17) A man kissing and fondling [his wife] publicly.
18) Attending an event where one is not invited.
19) Greedy manner of eating whether solitarily or publicly.
20) Sitting on the pathway.
21) Entering the bathroom without a loin cloth, or nakedly.
22) Mentioning ones family with absurdity.
23) Passing wind in the presence of people.
24) Dancing, singing and striking ones fingers.
25) Abusing people or animals.
26) Frolicking with despicable people or sinners.
26) Loud burst of laughter.
27) Looking around on the pathway.
28) Revealing the nakedness in solitude without necessity.
29) Opening of the chest, back and stomach publicly.
30) Playing chess.
31) Constant abandonment of nawaafil before and after obligatory prayers.
32) Spreading of the legs in the midst of the people without necessity or excuse.
33) Being a jester.
34) Walking in front of the people with bare head.
35) Walking on the pathway wearing trouser only.
36) Inducing fighting between the animals and the cocks [like the popular bull fighting contests in Spain].
37) Women fighting (and abusing publicly).
38) Shaving of the beard.

The professions that can spoil ones good manners
1) Pathway trading [such as selling handkerchiefs in the traffic].
2) (Coffin or) Shrouds trader.
3) Alcohol seller [this is even haraam].
4) Acting (in theatre or movies).
5) Fortune telling [which is also haraam].
6) Being a professional exorcist (an expert on ruqyah).
7) Dancing and singing.
8) Fortune telling with sand (which is common among the marabouts especially in the sub-African continent).
9) Manufacturing drums and flutes [for perfromers].
10) Being a drummer.
11) Being a trainer of monkey.
12) Wrestling.
13) Photographer.
14) Slave trafficker.
15) Comedian.
16) Magician.
17) Stealing and pickpocketing.
18) Toilet supervisor.
We beseech Allah to adorn us with excellent manners.

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