Inciting to Uprising

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(An Adaptation from Ash-Shaykh Saeed Raslaan's Daaim Minhaaj An Nubuwah)
p.269-272, p.289-290 and p.273

AlhamduliLlaahi wa biHi nasta'een,thumma as was sallam ala rasliLlaahi,wa ba'd;

No gainsaying,it was unanimously concurred by the scholars of ahlul athar that rebellion over a leader either righteous or otherwise is a glare indication of the astrayed sect;khawaarij.

Woefully,unconsciously or ignorantly ,many fall into the dungeon of khurj either by verbal or in print.Indeed,rebellion is neither restricted to taking ammunition nor placards as precedently mentioned.

Likewise,it is never a means to protect any kingdom,but; a)To follow the prophetic order as contained in many authentic narrations.(Any interested and sincere reader should consult kitbaabul Imaarah is Saheeh Al Imaam Muslim,if possible,with its best explanation Bahrul Muheet Ath Thajaah by Ash Shaykh dam Al Etiyiobee [may Allah protect him]).

b)To abstain from going out of the consensus of the scholars[from the epoch of the taabi' to this epoch].

c)To remain steadfastly on the manhaaj of ahlul hadeeth wal athar.Anybody who against it,is indeed,out of their circle.[Whosoever wishes should consult the books on manhaaj and aqeedah].

d)To save the blood of the innocents.Past and present history testify to this "There is no country in which rebellion occurred,except with succeeding trial".

Thus,whosoever says, "no-rebellion" manhaj is to protect the kingdom,is between the circle of "hyprocrite or ignorant".How,could it be true? when there are over hundreds sayings of the companions and the taabi' on it.Rabbanaa laa tuzigh qulbanaa ba'da idh hadayTanaa!.So be objective!

To proceed:

Ash Shaykh Saalih Al 'Uthaymeen commented on this narration (in the treatise of Al 'Allammah Al Qaadee Ash Shawkaanee-rahimahuLlaah-Rafu' As Saateen fee Hukm Al Itsaal bis Silaateen);

The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said:Indeed,they will come out from his rib (who would outwardly look to be so religious and pious) that everyone among you would consider his prayer insignificant as compared with their prayer[Saheehul Bukhaaree and Muslim].

"This is a great evidence that,rebellion over a leader can either with sword or speech.The man [Dhu Khuwayshirah] did not hold sword over the messanger [sallaLlaahu alayhi was sallam],rather he refuted him."

"And,from what is found in some books of the people of as sunnah,that rebellion against a leader is by sword,their intent is;The Great Decisive Rebellion,as mentioned by the prophet (sallaLlaahu alayhi was sallam) that zinaa can either be visual or auditory or sensual,thus he said;

"...and the private parts testify all this or deny it."(Saheehul Bukhaaree and Muslim).

He said;This expression is from some of the scholars;this is what they thought.Certainly and naturally,we know;Rebellion with arm is not possible,except it was preceded by rebellion by speech.

It is not possible that people will just take arm,waging war against a leader,under no influence.There must be something that influence them;and it is speech.Thence,revolting over the leaders is the real revolt,as the sunnah and reality show.

As for evidence in as sunnah:you have known it.

But,as for reality;We certainly know,that revolt with arms is a branch of the verbal uprising.Because,citizens can not just revolt against the leader,there must be preparation and introduction,criticizing the leaders and cover up their charming qualities.Then,the heart will full of hatred and grudge [against them] thus the tribulation occurs.

Ibn Sa'd[rahimahuLlaah] said, AbduLlahi bn 'Idrees informed us,from Muhammad bn Abee Ayyub,from Hilaal bn Abee Humayd;he said:I heard 'AbduLlaahi bn 'Ukaym saying:

"I will never assist on (splitting) the blood of any Khaleefah after 'Uthmaan,it was said to him;Oh Abaa Ma'bad,how did you assist on (splitting) his blood?!

He said; I mentioned his weaknesses,to assist splitting his blood.[Musannaf Ibn Abee Shaybah vol.12 p.47].

Ash Shaykh Ibn Baaz [rahimahuLlaah] was asked:

Is it from the methodology of the salaf to criticize the rulers on the pulpits?

He rahimahuLlaah answered;

It is not from the methodology of the salaf to defame the rulers and mention it on the pulpits,because this leads to disorderliness,and fail to hear and obey the rulers on goodness,and also leads to the affair which neither has benefit nor harm.

But,the path to thread with the salaf (is);Sincere admonition between them and the ruler and write a missive to him,or contacting the scholars that has connection with him,till he aims righteousness"

He [rahimahuLlaah] said;

When the door of tribulation opened in the epoch of 'Uthmaan radiyaLlaahu anhu and he ['Uthmaan] was refuted publicly,then accomplished the trial,killing and breakup become in which its influence continues till today.[Unfortunately]'Uthmaan was murdered because of this,the trial occurred between 'Aliyy and Mu'wiyyah [bn Abee Sugyaan(radiyaLlaahu 'anhumaa)] and majority of the companions were murdered and others apart from them,just because of refuting [the khaleefah] publicly,and mentioned (his) deficiency publicly,till the masses became enraged to their ruler,then killed him.From Allah we seek well-being.[Wujb Taa'ah As Sultaan p.42]

Shaykh Saalih Al Fawzaan was asked;

Is revolting against the leaders limited to carrying arms? Or it includes defaming them and inciting people to impeache them, and helping their adversaries.

He-mah Allah protect him-answered;

Revolting against the leaders can be with arms;this is the most severe,and can be with speech like abusing and defaming them,and speaking against them at the sitting and on pulpits,these incite and encourage the masses on revolting against the leader,thus it reduces the value of the leader towards them.Speech is (from the type of) uprising.[al Fataawah Ash Shari'yyah p.107]

Ibn Hajar rahimahuLlaah said;mentioning a sect from the khawaarij:Al Qaa'idiyyah;They are those who ornament revolting against the leaders,while not participate in it.[Tahdheeb at Tahdheeb vol.8 p.114]

Thus,those that incite people against the leaders and plant hatred in their hearts against the leaders,then make some verdicts by permitting what Allah prohibited under the disguise of correcting the evil,they are the sitting khawaarij and the dirtiest sect.

Also,if these people speak against the rulers on the pulpits,likewise against about the communities and among others.Is this sincere admonition to the rulers?!

That is,if a protestant protests and a sayer says;

"It is true statement in front of a tyrant ruler"

Thus,says a truthful statement;on the street,pulpit and at the nook and cranny,if he sense anything,he will fly and flee like an ass.

Know oh sincere reader,a person that revolts over a just leader and and quit is not a khaarijee,rather the khaarijee is he who revolts against the tyrant leader.

We beseech Allah to give us submissive heart to the texts.

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