THE RESPONSE of the Salafees

Saturday 10-Nov-2018, 11:24AM / 269

Come, O shattered partisans
And drink from the honey of the Predecessors

Till now, thy gathering (as before) is blinded
And, indeed, your agenda is exposed the more
So your hue and cry is understandable

But till when shall you wallow in ignorance?
Thinking your way is what the Ummaah needs
What has taken your senses, O gathering of partisans?
And you remain like stagnant senile statutes

Inform the ungraceful fellows
To reverse from their agelong wobble

Indeed your Society has gotten what it takes
To weaken all sense of al walaa and al baraa,
And the unity of the Ummah

You gather for a ten-day camping
Where the akhawaat were escorted under the umaraa;
The 'arrangee' mahaarim
Indeed, your sight is sharper than binoculars!

Nobody calls you names, but names inbued in your actions

We - the Salafees - strive for nothing but real unity
But your Society only craves for dissension
Under the propaganda: Laa Jamaa'
In which we say:
Nobody says Laa Jamaa except a Kaafir

For this, we have evidences in manifolds

O partisans with crocodile tears!
Bring your minds
How could societies form unity?
One for students, one for Aqsa and the other for democracy!
Indeed a bunch of parallel lines you are all.

Tell the propagandist
Salafiyyah; themed under the Two Wahy
Was in existence
Prior their formulated Jamaa'aat in the late 19's

We are glad to tell you
That, even the Shia claim success in their bloody Aashuras

Why should your bigoted camping freak us then?
And haven't you heard of the 'istimas' of the sheepish Tableeghis?
And the gathering of the Sufis at Khaolaq?
So what are you celebrating?

Salafiyyah, our Manhaj, always will always be
Whereas your Society fluctuates
And is only concerned with number of subscribers

Evidently breaking the classical chain of unity
Under the disguise of being the Hope of the Ummah
[May Allaah forgive you all for that your continous blasphemy]

Indeed you are grooming on Aqeedah!
The Aqeedah that calls a Sfee a Sunee
What a grooming par excellence!
Teaching 'Mahamalaat' but not Mu'aamalaat
The Aqeedah that unites upon falsehood.

Come to the real matter: As Salafiyyah
The Call of the Pious Predecessors
Before your faces are finally defaced
When it might be too late to retrace the steps.

Editing and additional notes from Aboo Aamir Ishaaq bn AbdirRaheem

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