POEFUTATION of scorners of the Manhaj

Saturday 10-Nov-2018, 11:25AM / 1322

I am a salafi
Pin this down, O khalafi!

O Hizbi!
Listen to this alibi

We ne'er utter La Jama'ah
Rather La Jama'aat

The root of the roots is the Jama'ah
The loot of the drools is the jama'aat

Listen to prison*
Nobody utters La Jama'ah except a kaafir
For this, evidence we have it in waafir.

Listen and listen
The jama'ah is pristine
Thus was annexed with the sunnah, with reason.

We strive for nothing but the haqq
Just to hamper iftiraaq

Yet they are bold on baatil
Just to sustain their havoc

Ahl As Sunnah, As Salafiyah, Ahl Al Hadeeth
and other nomenclatures are enough
Ain't need neither MS or TS
Which neither known by the salaf nor venerated by the khalaf

Just for this fact
Many of the scholars were barred
In their black books, they were

Ain't possible to unite with false.

Many of them are student since 198___
Yet still a student till 305___!!
Failure or disease that needs cure?

Many of them are dogs on mureedi
Floating and chanting the kubrah
As the one who lacks aura...

Many of them love democracy
Campaign as if he's JJC
To the aqeedah of Lincoln's fallacy...

Many of them increase our annual eids
With Hijab day and the so called Maoludi.....

Some just took fighting
Because of Islam they think
And to masjid Al Aqsa they head...

Some imanometer is outing
3 days, 7 days or jaola
From Pakistan to India
Minus these, you are insincere....

Lest a mix-up
From all innovations is kufr, we warn from
The Muhaddith without isn?d
Wanting daleel for the taqseem
Throwing al ijmaa' away
And ignorant of Al istiqr?'a
A bold and unrepentant liar
The certified philosopher

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