Matters Harming the Salafee Da'wah: #Mutual_Advice_Series (VI)

Wednesday 19-Feb-2020, 3:33AM / 471


Translation by Ishaaq bn AbdirRaheem Aboo Aamir from the advice of As-Shaykh Muhammad bn Umar bn Saalim Bazmool (may Allaah preserve him on goodness). 

Point Eleven 

  معاملة بعض طلبة العلم معاملة العلماء بل 
وتقديمهم على العلماء مع أنه قد لا يستحق وصف طالب علم .اهـ 

The (ill-mannered) relationship of some students of knowledge with the scholars even to the extent of rating themselves over the scholars whereas in reality they are not fit to be called students of knowledge. 

Point Twelve
تعالم بعض المتصدرين وتصوير نفسه بالمعتدل المنصف مع أن حقيقة أمره لا تعدو عن ساكت عن باطل أو مخذل .اهـ"

The attitude of knowledge feigning by some students who have propped themselves forward (as teachers) and their self-appellation of being in the middlecourse whereas in reality their matter does not go beyond being referred to as those who remain silent in the front of falsehood and inequity. 

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