Warning from New Forms of Partisanship - at-Ta'assub (II)

Tuesday 02-Feb-2021, 11:21AM / 1250

Compilation of Aboo Aamir Ishaaq bin AbdirRaheem 


One of the greatest forms of ta'assub on the loose today is born out of excessive and exaggerated love for the scholars of the Deen.

There is no blame in loving the people of the truth and defending their honour. In fact, it is a religious duty for Muslims to have mutual love for one another.

Allaah the Mighty said:

وَالمُؤمِنونَ وَالمُؤمِناتُ بَعضُهُم أَولِياءُ بَعضٍ
'The believers, men and women, are protectors of one another...'
[At-Taubah: 71]

Thus if the common Muslims are to be loved and protected, the scholars of the Muslims deserve more of it becuase they are the flagbearers of the Deen. 

But this love for the scholars should not exceed the limits of the Sharee’ah such that they are absolutely followed in what they say and do irrespective of how correct their statements and actions are. 

Today, there are evidences of exaggerated love for some scholars of the Sunnah such that those who follow them are blind to mistakes of these scholars. 

The love one has for a thing can cause blindness in one.

حُبُّكَ الشيءَ يُعْمي ويُصِمّ
'Your love for a thing can cause blindness and deafness (in you).'

The fear here is that this exaggerated love should not lead to these followers raising these scholars beyond their levels. 

One of those levels is when they are taken as lawgivers, implicitly or otherwise - beside Allaah - the Mighty. 

Your love for a Shaykh must not make you follow him when he opposes Allaah and His Messenger ï·º in a phenomenon. Loving and obeying him in that situation is making him a partner to Allaah. 

You must know that none in this Ummah is error-free beside the Messenger of Allaah  ï·º. 

كلٌّ يؤخذ من قوله ويُردُّ
"Anyone (among the Muslims) can have his word accepted or rejected."

Shaykh-ul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah - rahimahullaah - said:

إن كثيرآ من الناس يحب خليفة أو عالما أو شيخا أو أميرا فيجعله ندا لله، وإن كان قد يقول إنه يحبه لله. فمن جعل غير الرسول تجب طاعته في كل ما أمر به وينهى عنه وإن خالف أمر الله ورسوله فقد جعله ندا."

"Indeed many would love a Khaleefah or a scholar or a Shaykh or a ruler and make such a person a partner beside Allaah even though he may say he is loving him because of Allaah. Whoever has made obligatory, obedience to other than the Messenger of Allaah ï·º in everything he commands and forbids even if it might oppose the command of Allaah and His Messenger's such has made the person a partner beside Allaah."

Majmu'ul-Fatawa 2/128

May Allaah grant us safety in His Deen. 

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