Warning from New Forms of Partisanship - at-Ta'assub (IV)

Thursday 04-Feb-2021, 1:46PM / 1074

Compilation of Aboo Aamir Ishaaq bin AbdirRaheem 


Teachers of Sunnah in their various capacities must be wary of turning their students, listeners, admirers, etc, into dummies who merely nod to whatever they say whether they are correct or not.

Teachers ought to always sound that note of warning that they are but human beings. That they are prone to errors. They must nurture their followers on following the clear texts of the Sharee'ah. 

For teachers of Sunnah to build a similitude of fans' clubs who are always there to cheer them up in what is correct or otherwise is dangerous.

Unfortunately again, this is one of the reigning problems in our various communities of Sunnah today.

Teachers of Sunnah today have hailers and yeomen, and of course, haters. 

Thus statements like 'that is my one-and-only Ustaadh', 'that's world-best Ustaadh,' 'those are our teachers that understand the manhaj not others like...', etc, are nothing but statements of ta'assub. They are destructive, for the teachers they are said about and who pass them as nothing, and for the clueless hailers who often are agents of animosity. 

If those people, I mean the genuine students, have simply suplicated for their teachers it would have been better. Expressing their love for their teachers within the permissible limits is also no problem. 

Teachers training their students, subconsciously or otherwise, to always sing their praises is a dangerous tarbiyyah. It always backfires, on the teacher or the Da'wah. 

Didn't we fault some groups 'yesterday' when they said 'they are the hope of the Ummah' That when you were not at their programme you were nowhere? 

So what has happened to us too? 

Ash-Shaykh Rabee al-Madkhalee - hafidhahullaah - in his article, at-Ta'assub adh-Dhamee (The Blameworthy Partisanship) brought the statement of Shaykh-ul Islam in Majmu'ul Fatawa to decry that.

He - hafidhahullaah - wrote:

قال شيخ الإسلام ابن تيمية رحمه الله تعالى:
"وليس للمعلمين أن يحزبوا الناس ويفعلوا مايلقي بينهم العداوة والبغضاء بل يكونون مثل الإخوة المتعاونين على البر والتقوى كما قال تعالى:( وتعاونوا على البر والتقوى ولا تعاونوا على الإثم والعدوان )(([المائدة آية 2]).

Shaykh-ul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah - rahimahullaah - said: It is not proper for teachers to split people into parties and cause what can breed enmity and malice among them, they should rather be brothers cooperating upon goodness and piety as Allaah the Mighty said: Cooperate among one another upon goodness and piety, do not cooperate upon sins and transgression...(Maaidah: 2).

See Mausoo'ah Rasaail of Shaykh Rabee p.431. 

May Allaah unite all our hearts on the truth. 

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