Titbits on Salafiyyah (III) - Causes, Rulings and Effects of Bid'ah

Friday 18-Feb-2022, 1:50AM / 852

   A Compilation by Aboo Israaeel 

The reliable scholars - anciently and recently - warn against all sorts of bid'ah and its practitioners;

From the manners of staying away from people of bid'ah

1. Not listening to their talks.
2. Abstaining from their sittings.
3. Not controverting with them.

Bid'ah is blameworthy which a sincere Muslim must be conscious about.

Causes of Bid'ah;

[1. lIgnorance
[2. Self-Interest
[3. Unspecific-Matters
[4. Self-Intellect
[5. Group-Spirit
 [6. Blind-Following
 [7. Knowledge-Hiding
 [8. Inauthentic-Evidence
9. Unreasonable-Excess
 [10. Scholars' Silence.

The rulings of bid'ah differ regarding its types;

1. Disbelief itself
2. Tracks To Disbelief
3. Sins; major and minor ones. 

Know about the three so as to stay away from them.

 Effects of Bid'ah in the society;

1. Nearing disbelief
2. Relinquishing the Sunnah
3. Talking about the religion without knowledge
4. Hatred for the people of Sunnah
5. Its people mostly fall into trials
6. Disuniting the Ummah

To eradicate bid'ah in our society, two hings are important;

1. Abandoning, despising and distancing oneself from it and its people.
2. Warning against its evils.

With these, bid'ah would be forgotten without being re-established, but things get complicated daily for those still amalgamating with the innovators.

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