'Who Told You A Salafee Can't Fall Into Bid'ah, A Big One Even?'

Friday 03-Jun-2022, 5:57AM / 1065

This is Shaykh Muhammad bn Umar Bazmool of department of Kitaab wa Sunnah, Faculty of Da'wah and Usool Deen, Ummul Quraa University, Makkah Mukarramah cautioning the Muslim youths going to the extreme in removing the scholars of Sunnah from the Sunnah for one error or the other, he said that one is a Salafi scholar does not mean he can't inadvertently fall into an heresy. This buttresses the well-known maxim that Not Everyone That Falls into Bid'ah, Bid'ah Falls Back on Him. 

We hope the exuberant Muslim youths causing misgivings, via their myopic and unqualified tabdee and tahdheer, towards the local teachers upon the Sunnah in Nigeria and other places will take a cue from that. 

Below is the excerpt as translated by our brother, Tayyib Imaam Awwal.

Ash-Shaykh Muhammad bn Umar Bazmool - hafidhahullaah - said:

Who told you that mistakes cannot come from a Salafi?! Indeed, a Salafi can make mistakes and he can as well fall into a bid'ah (innovation). Not only can can he fall into mistakes that are seen as bid'ah, he can, in fact, fall into a grievous bid'ah, yet he remains a Salafi. He is, thus, simply an erring scholar. What do you think of the likes of Ibn Hajar and An-Nawawee? These great prominent scholars, what do you think of them? For I still regard them as Salafi scholars. Yes, they made mistakes in the aspect of the Names and Attributes of Allaah and such other slippery areas, yet they remain renowned Salafi scholars. This is my stand regarding them. And what about Ibn Hazm who had some ideologies of I'tizaal and Jaimiyyah? I still regard him as a Salafi scholar, what do you think of him? No doubt he made mistakes! He was also an ordinary scholars that's prone to errors. Can you not differentiate between the mistakes of a Sunni scholar and non-Sunni scholars? Every grounded scholar has peculiar methods of drawing inference from the Qur'aan. Is there anyone from amongst the past  scholars that is considered infallible? This (infallibility of scholars) is Shi'ah mentality.

Who among the past scholars was ever infallible by reason only that he was vastly knowledgeable?! In fact, there were some among the scholars and Taabi'oon who fell inside the pit of Irjaa and Qadariyyah, yet they remained scholars of Islam. There were many instances like these. Al-Imaam Adh-Dhahabi - rahimahullaah - said:

"Should we open this floodgate and condemn all scholars for the mistakes and innovations ascribed to them, no one would be left for us." So, what else do you want?! Please look into yourselves.

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