Shaykh Rabee (hafidhahullaah) on the Pitfalls in Investigating Others and the Necessity Therein

Friday 26-Jan-2024, 9:34PM / 287

Translated by Abu Nuaym Tayyib Al-Imaam 

Important Clarifications on the matter of Questioning Callers' Character and Credibility by Shaykh Rabee' Al-Madkhalee - hafidhahullaah 

This question was posed to the Shaykh: 

'May Allaah bless you and grant you goodness, 'Is it from the way of Salaf to enquire into scholars' credibility'?

The answer given by Shaykh: 'Yes, verily. Evaluating scholars' credibility is from the ways of the Salaf as Ibn Seereen said: 'Verily, this knowledge itself is (the essence of) the religion, so look into whom you will take your religion (i.e., whom you learn from.'

'Nevertheless, there are some people who make the enquiry for a true and sincere purpose, for he wants to learn his religion from scholars of integrity and probity upon sound creed and methodology. It is for such person to ask for such purpose. Whereas some people are only questioning scholars' credibility to cause fitnah. Lately, this has been the case for many of these questions like 'What do you see about Shaykh fulaan, or what is your opinion on Shaykh ilaan. He is not asking to know whether he can learn from him or to stay away from him, his main intent is to broadcast and cause commotion among the people. Assessing scholars for this purpose is not right because it is to cause fitnah, for actions are judged by their intentions. But if the questioner actually means no harm and only intends to learn and take his correct religion, it is compulsory to guide the person to an upright teacher only to learn from. May Allaah bless you. That's it.'

Extract from: Welcome, O Student of Knowledge! (p. 337)

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