Our Creed Our Da'wah

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Our Creed, Our Da'wah
By Ash-Shaykh Muqbil al-Waadi'ee [RA]

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  • We believe in Allh, His Names and Attributes in accordance with the way they are stated in the Book of Allh and the Sunnah of Allhs Messenger, sallaLahu alaihy wa sallam, without any alteration nor (false) interpretation nor tamtheel (giving likeness to Him) nor tashbeeh (proving resemblance between Him and any of His creatures) nor tateel (claiming that His attributes are void of their respective meanings).
  • We maintain as (part of our) creed that invoking the dead and seeking help from them, likewise from those alive in matters that none is capable of rendering but Allh; are acts of Shirk (associating partners with Allh).
  • Equally, having belief in amulets and charms that they benefit besides or with Allh is Shirk; and that wearing them (that is, charms and amulets) even without a belief (that they bring benefits) counts as a fairy tale.
  • We take to the apparent textual meanings of the Quran and Sunnah; we do not interpret except with a justifying evidence from the Quran or the Sunnah (for such interpretation).
  • We believe that believers would see their Rabb (Lord) in the Hereafter, we do not ask: How? We have faith in Ash-Shafah (Intercession) and that Al-Muwahideen (bearers of Islamic monotheism) would come out of the Hell.
  • We love the Companions of the Messenger, and we detest whomever speaks ill of them; we believe that defaming them is tantamount to vilifying the Deen because they are its transmitters to us. And we love the household of the Prophet according to the modality prescribed by the Shariah (Islamic law).
  • We love ahlul-hadeeth (the fervent adherents and upholders of the Sunnah) and the rest of the pious pioneers of this Ummah among the Ahlus-Sunnah.
  • We detest the knowledge of (scholastic) theology and we see it as one of the major factors responsible for disunity among the Muslims.
  • None of the books of Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence) or Tafseer or ancient stories or the prophetic history are acceptable to us except that which is established from Allh and His Messenger. This does not mean that we will abandon or assume that we can do without them rather we can derive benefits from the propositions of our erudite scholars and others beside them, but we will not accept a ruling except with a sound evidence.
  • We do not include in our writings or teach in our lessons or deliver in our sermons other than the Quran and a hadith fit to be cited as evidence. We detest what is narrated by many authors and admonishers in term of false stories; weak or fabricated Ahadith.
  • We do not declare a Muslim to be a Kfir (an unbeliever) for a sin (he commits) except when he associates partner with Allh or abandons the Salat or renegades (from Islam). May Allh save us and you from that.
  • We maintain in our creed that the Quran is the Word of Allh; that it is not created.
  • We see the necessity of cooperating with any Muslim upon the truth; we also free ourselves to Allh from all calls of Jhiliyah (like partisanship and factionalism).
  • We do not agree with carrying out rebellion against the leaders of the Muslim in as much as they remain as Muslims. We do not see coup plots as bringing benefits rather (we see them) as a means of causing corruption in the society.
  • We see these numerous (Muslim) groupings of the time as a means to Muslims' disunity and their weakness.
  • We see the Call of Ikhwnul-Muslimun as not being competent of bringing benefits to the (Muslim) society; for it has turned into a political cause. And that the Call is heretical because it invites to making an allegiance (Bayah) to an unknown entity. The Call also brings tribulations because it thrives and journeys on ignorance. Therefore, we admonish some of our reputable brethren who work under the Call to detach themselves from it lest they waste their time in what will not benefit Islam and the Muslims. It is imperative on every Muslim to have the belief and hope that Allh would surely grant victory to Islam and the Muslims.
  • With respect to the Tableegh Jam'ah, this is what was written by a honourable brother, Muhammad bn AbdilWahb Al-Wasbi, about them; may Allh preserve the brother:
  • They act upon weak Ahdith and sometimes fabricated ones or those which have no basis.
  • With them are several innovated practices; in fact, their call is based on innovated practices because the spine of their Da'wah is 'outing' scheduled as: Three days in every month, forty days in a year, four months in a lifespan; also in every week there are two jawla (walk-round) one of which will take place in the mosque where the member offers (his) Daily Prayer, the other is journeying. In addition, for everyday there are two sittings, one in the mosque where you (as a member of the Jama'ah) perform Salat; the second in the house. They will not be pleased with a person (who might have decided to join the group) unless he abides by it. There is no doubt that these acts are innovated practices which have no authority from Allh.
  • They consider the call to Tawheed (belief in Allh's Oneness in all its ramifications) as scary to the Muslims.
  • They (also) regard the invitation to Sunnah (of the Messenger of Allh, sallaLahu alaihy wa sallam) as driving the Muslims away.
  • Said their Ameer in Al-Hudaydah (A city in Western Yemen [Translator]) : 'An innovation that brings people together is better than a Sunnah that splits them.
  • They harbour hostility against the People of Sunnah.
  • They make people turn away from (acquiring) good knowledge (about the Deen); (they do so) implicitly and explicitly.
  • They believe no one can succeed (in his religious endeavour) except through their path. They do cite the Noahs Ark as a similitude; that those who are on board are safe and those who fail to board will perish. They say, Our Da'wah is like Noahs Ark. I have heard them cite this as an illustration in both Jordan and Yemen.
  • They give no importance to Tawheed Uluuhiyah (Allh being the Only One worthy of worship) and Tawheed-Asmaa-Wa-Sift (Allh's Oneness with regard to His Names and Attributes).
  • They are not ready to seek knowledge; they deem the time spent for seeking knowledge as a waste.
  • They also have some other absurdities.

  • We confine our understanding of the Book of Allh and the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allh to those of the Pious Predecessors of this Ummah, the people of hadith; we do not blindly cling to their individual persons we rather acknowledge the truth from whoever might have brought it. We are quite aware of those who claim Salafiyyah while Salafiyyah is free from them; for those claimants have begun to sail with the society in making permissible what Allh has prohibited (example of those are the followers of AbdurRahman Abdul-Khliq and Muhammad Suruur).
  • We have in our ideology that politics is a part of the Deen; those who strive to separate religion from politics are only trying to destroy the Deen and that there should be a widespread of anarchy. So also is what is commonly said in some Muslim lands that: The religion is Allh's but the state is for all; the statement is an ignorant one; rather all is Allhs.
  • We believe there will never be glory or victory for the Muslims except when they return to the Book of Allh and the Sunnah of the Messenger, sallaLahu alaihy wa sallam.
  • We detest the parties of the time such as the atheistic Communist Party, the atheistic Arab (Nationalistic) Party, the Nsiri Atheistic Party, the Capitalist Party, the Raafidi Heretical Party, etc.
  • We see that people are into two parties: the Party of the Merciful (Allh) the Great and Mighty; they are those whom the Pillars of Islm and the Articles of Faith apply to, they will never reject anything from the Shariah of Allh. The other is Party of Shaytn; constituted by those who fight the Laws of Allh.

  • We condemn those who classify the Deen into marrows and shells (that is, serious issues and trivial ones); we know that this is a destructive assumption.
  • We disapprove of those who discourage (others) from the knowledge of the Sunnah (of the Messenger of Allh, sallaLahu alaihy wa sallam) presuming that the time for it is yet to come; likewise those who deter (people) from acting upon the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allh, sallaLahu alaihy wa sallam.
  • We see the necessity of giving priority to more important matters before the less ones. It is imperative on the Muslims to give more concern to correcting the Aqeedah (of the Muslims) before uprooting Communism and Arab nationalism. Meanwhile this cannot be achieved except by uniting upon holding unto the Quran and Sunnah.
  • We see those organizations which accept the Rfidis, Shittes, Sufis and Sunnis in their folds as not being capable of confronting the enemies because this (confronting the enemy) cannot be achieved except via sincere (sense of) brotherhood and uniformity of Aqeedah.
  • We refute the arrogant ones who dub those who invite to the Path of Allh as Wahabis and spies; we are aware that their ignoble intent is to set a barrier between the Muslim populace and the people of knowledge.
  • Our Da'wah and Aqeedah are more beloved to us than our souls, our wealth and our children, so we are not the ones who are ready to sell them for gold and silver. We say this so that none will nurse any covetous hope in the Da'wah and think he can induce us with dirham and dinar. There is no doubt that the people of politics know this about us; this is the reason they have lost hope of buying us over with a political post or money.
  • We love the government authorities in proportion to the good in them and we hate them according to the gravity of the evil they perpetrate but we do not endorse rebellion against them except in a case whereby we see a clear disbelief for which there is for us a proof from Allh, then on the condition that we are capable (of forcing such government to abdicate) and that the conflict should not be between the Muslims on both sides. (We also take into cognizance) that those in authorities portray those who rise against them as vandals and mischievous ones. There are other conditions (as regard the issue) that can be checked up in our other books.
  • We listen to counsels and advice from whoever offers them to us; we admit we are students of knowledge therefore we can be right (sometimes) or err (some other time); we may know and may not.
  • We feel affection for the contemporary scholars of Sunnah, we hope to benefit from them and we feel bad for the inactivity of many of them.
  • We will not agree with a fatwa except when it is being supported with evidence from the Quran or authentic Sunnah of the Messenger of Allh, sallaLahu alaihy wa sallam.
  • We detest those responsible, among other people, for visits to the grave of Lenin and other proponents of atheism, as a sign of respect for them.
  • We disapprove of the Muslim rulers who ally with the enemies of Islam be they the Americans or the Communists.
  • We detest all the alien and ignorant calls to Islm such as socialism or Arab nationalism; we deem them calls of ignorance and among the factors that have led to the retrogression of the Muslims.
  • We await a reformer with whom Allh will reform this Deen; this is based on what was narrated by Abu Dwud in his Sunnan on the authority of Abu Hurairah (may Allh be pleased with him) from the Prophet, sallaLahu alaihy wa sallam, that:

    Verily Allh will (continue to) raise for this Ummah on the peak of every century someone who will reform their Deen for them.

    We hope the Islamic re-awakening is a preparation for that.

  • We believe that whoever refutes the Ahdith informing of the coming of Al-Mahdi and Dajjl (the Anti-Christ), and the descent of (Prophet) Isa, the son of Maryam, sallaLahu alaihy wa sallam, is astray. However, we do not intend the Mahdi of the Shia, rather he is going to be an Imam from the household of the Prophet, sallaLahu alaihy wa sallam, and (is going to be) from the Ahlus-Sunnah and will fill the earth with justice and equity just as it has been filled with oppression and unfairness. We say he is from the Ahlus-Sunnah because speaking ill of the Companions (as the Shia do) is not fairness.
  • These are some aspects of our creed and call; mentioning them with their respective proofs will make the book to be voluminous nevertheless I have mentioned their proofs in (my other work entitled) al-makhraj minal fitan (The Way-out of Tribulations)"

Therefore whoever may disagree with any of the content of this piece, we are ready to accept his advice if he hits the truth, or to dialogue with him if he errs, or to turn away from him if he proves recalcitrant.

Therefore what should be noted is that this is not an encyclopaedic presentation of our Da'wah and Aqeedah for verily our Da'wah revolves round the Quran and Sunnah, so also is our Aqeedah. Allh is suffice for us. and there is no power nor strength except in Allh.

28th day of Jumaadal-Uula 1431

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