Boycotting the Society in Time of Fitnah and General Moral Decadence

Saturday 17-Nov-2018, 6:43AM / 904

Commenting on the Chapter of Al-Uzlah (boycotting) in Riyaadus-Saaliheen, the author ofBahjatun-Naadhireen said in p.651 of the book:

'Whoever opts for boycotting must be of the belief that he does that to save people from harm, or that the corruption in people has reached a stage wherein COMMANDING GOODNESS AND FORBIDDING EVIL IS NO MORE USEFUL; when desires are obeyed, covetousness becomes the norm, worldly things are preferred, each person takes pride in his view, and each party rejoices with what is with them.

'Whoever is sure he can take care of his means of livelihood himself and can guard his Deen, then the best thing for such is to refrain from mixing with people but upon the condition that he observes the Jum'ah, congregational prayers, sending greeting of salaam, and rendering the rights of the Muslims.

What is intended is that one should refrain from unnecessary friendships, and shunning public matters because of what they contain of delusion and waste of time. Meeting people is of the same level with the need for food; making out of it what one thinks he must attain. Not doing all those is what better for the soul and the heart.'

[Benefitted from Halqah of Riyaadus-Saaliheen in Ede, 7th Rajab, 1433]