Conditions for Jihaad Ibn Juzayy Al-Mlik may Allh bestow mercy on him

Saturday 17-Nov-2018, 8:48AM / 863

The conditions for Jihaad in summary:

That the fighters should be Muslims.
  • They should have come of age.
  • They should be of sound mind.
  • They should not be under bondage.
  • They should be males.
  • They should have the ability to carry out the Jihd with their limbs and wealth (such as possession of good weapons).

  • As for what are imperatives thereof:

  • Good intention (to exalt Allh's Words).
  • Obedience to the ruler.
  • Not stealing from the war booty.
  • Respecting the terms of treaty (with the enemy).
  • remaining steadfast in the battlefront.
  • Avoiding corrupt practices.
  • There is nothing wrong in fighting behind a sinful ruler (so far he is a Muslim).

  • Al-Qawaaneen Al-Fiq'hiyyah [p.112]