A Great Question About Terrorism

Saturday 17-Nov-2018, 9:32AM / 1017

Question: May Allaah be nice to you, O Noble Shaykh, a questioner asks, 'There are some callers in the non-Muslim countries saying: Whoever says al-Ir'haab (terrifying the enemy which connotatively means terrorism) is not part of Islam is guilty of a major kufr.' Is that statement correct?

Answer: Indeed those who are new in learning especially in the non-Muslim countries should not delve into matters wherein they lack knowledge. The issue of Ir'haab is not just one act rather it has become acts of terrorism (today), frightening (the population indiscriminately), carrying out rebellion (against the Muslim rulers) and a number of acts of hatred towards others. [For instance,] declaring Muslims as unbelievers (without proofs), is an act of terrorism, killing (innocent souls) and carrying out rebellion against the legitimate Muslim rulers are all acts of terrorism. Yet there is another form of terrorism, that is the one carried out from one person to others. Thus it is difficult to give one judgement to what constitutes terrorism upon the certainty and the consensus of the scholars of the Muslims that any act of Irhaab unjustly carried out, that is, without recourse to the dictates of the Book of Allah and the Sunnah, there is no doubt that such an act is a crime and an act of corruption in the land. Matters are considered weighing the pros and cons. Therefore what the misguided group does in the lands of the Muslims such as in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – may Allaah protect it from the evil doers – with respect to the rulers of the Muslims, the scholars (such as labeling them as CIA agents, scholars of women underpants, etc) and the entire Ummah of the Muslims – male and female; there is no doubt that those who carry out those acts are misguided and they are the evil doers in the land.

Yes with respect to what the misguided group does by declaring Muslims as Kuffaar and sometimes killing them – their old and young, male and female, and the non-Muslims under the state protection. Those who target the category of people mentioned are rebels. Whoever declares any Muslim a Kaafir without a proof, as these people do likewise their leaders who lay claim to knowledge, such will earn the evil effect of the declaration.

Praise to Allaah, it is not collect to declare as Kuffaar, the scholars of the Muslims, their rulers likewise the generality of the Muslims in this land and other Muslim lands. The group who goes about labeling people as Kuffaar has indeed gone astray in all ramifications. They, in the estimate of the Sharee'ah, are a new generation of Khawaarij. In fact their own form of khaarijiyyah is worse than the Khaarijiyyah of old – the khawaarij in the time of the Companions. Why? The Khawaarij of old would not kill one another, but these neo-khawaarij kill one another!

Their acts are crimes and evil doing on the land. The Messenger of Allaah - salaLlaahu alahyi wa sallam – indeed foretold them. It is a miracle that he gave them a number of appellations such as 'Dogs of the Hell' [Recorded by Aboo Daawud, (3987) mentioned by Ash-Shaykh Al-Albaanee in Saheeh Jaami (3668)]. The neo-Khawaarij – as stated – went an edge over the Khawaarij of old. The neo-khawaarij are terrorists; (yet) they lose all the battles. They will bear the sins of the people they kill (provided those are Muslims) among the young and old, men and women, even those under the state protection whom the Shareeah respects their blood, dignity and wealth.

This is an Islamic state (referring to Saudi Arabia) which applies the laws of Islam. This has brought peace and security for all.

The Messenger of Allaah - salaLlaahu alahyi wa sallam – described them as 'dogs of the hell' due to their great crime. Said the Messenger of Allaah - salaLlaahu alahyi wa sallam, 'Glad tidings to whoever is killed by them ; glad tidings to whoever kills them' [Recorded by Aboo Daawud, (3987) mentioned by Ash-Shaykh Al-Albaanee in Saheeh Jaami (3668)]. He - salaLlaahu alahyi wa sallam – also said, 'If I should meet them, I will kill them as the Aad People were killed.' In another narration, he said, '…as the Thamood People were killed.' He said, 'Wherever you meet them, kill them' [Same as the earlier source].

In reality they should be killed while supplications should be made against them. I did advise the Ministry of Islamic Affairs in Saudi Arabia that they should announce Qunoot against these people. These are the people who had visited a lot of harm upon the Muslims from all corners.

Source: Nathr Al-Wurood 'Alaa Haa'iyah Ibn Abee Daawud, pp.20-21.