As-Shaykh Fauzaan on 'Da'wah Outing'

Saturday 17-Nov-2018, 9:44AM / 913

Question: What is the verdict on those who go out for Da’wah upon no knowledge enjoining one another on certain activities and engaging in some strange behavior. They say Allaah will inspire whoever goes for such Da'wah; they also say knowledge is not fundamental in calling to Allaah.

Answer: Going out in the Path of Allaah is not as people do today. Going out in the Path of Allaah is going out on Jihaad against the unbelievers. But what they call Al-Khuruuj today is an innovation; it cannot be traced to the Salaf. Going out to call to Allaah is not limited to some specific days rather it should be according to one’s capacity and ability without limiting it to some forty days, less or more.

It is imperative that a caller (to Allaah) should be a person of knowledge. An ignorant person should not call to Allaah. Allaah said:

“Say (O Muhammad ): "This is My Way; I invite unto Allâh (i.e. to the Oneness of Allâh) with sure knowledge,” [Yoosuf: 108].

The call should be upon knowledge; the caller must know what he is calling to – whether an obligatory, recommended, prohibited or reprehensible act. He must know what constitutes associating partners to Allaah, disobedience to Him and His Messenger, unbelief, transgression and rebellion. He must know the levels and manners of prohibiting things.

Any act that distracts from learning is false because knowledge acquisition is obligatory. Knowledge cannot be achieved except by learning. Learning is not by inspiration – this is a false notion from the misguided Soofis. Any act without knowledge is misguidance. Hoping to acquire knowledge without learning is erroneous.

(Adapted from: Majallatud-Da’wah, 1567 Issue, p.46), Fatwa issued by Shaykh Al-Fauzaan - may Allaah preserve his life).