Poem: Be A Salafi

Thursday 27-Dec-2018, 4:50PM / 641

By: Tijani Sheriff Abiodun (Aboo Haneef Al-Atharee)      
Be a Salafi to the core
Whose role model is the best of Mankind
The exemplar of goodness in all ramifications
Not the society, infested with Immoralities

Be a Salafi in the real sense
Who loves, respect people of knowledge
Who learns and takes from Scholars the pristine Islam
Not from the ignorant that trods the path of the Khalaf

Be a Salafi as that of the Companions
Who practices Islam as they were taught by the Prophet
As the Quran and Sunnah is their life manual
As integrated in the Manhaj of the Salaf

Be a Salafi for a timed moments of breath
Not for a moment that the text celebrates your desires
Be a Salafi, who prepares for a house 
That is built in a day for you will surely it is your final.

Be A Salafi in times of trials and tribulations
When Aqeedah and Sunnah of the Prophet
Is being coloured by men of deviant tiqaad
Who are thirsty and are in need of political mantle
To have their rights as they claim
Not to seek knowledge of their divined rites.

Be a Salafi, a serious Salafi even.