For Those Who Love Shopping for Scholars' Verdicts

Monday 31-Dec-2018, 3:53PM / 675

Translation: Abu Sahl (@dhikrulas)

Al-Im?m Al-Muzanee (one of the foremost students of Al-Im?m Ash Shaafee' 'alayhim? rahmatuLlahi) said:

It was said to whom allows ikhtil?f and claims that: If two scholars make ijtih?d on an issue and one of them says: 'This is hal?l.' And another says: 'This is har?m.'  (Then he says): Each one of them is right on his ijtih?d. (Ask him): Did you utter this based on evidence or analogical deduction? If he says: 'It is based on evidence.' Say to him: 'How could it be based on evidence while Al Qur'aan negates al ikhtil?f?! If he says: It is based on analogical deduction. Say (to him): How could a deduction negate al-khil?f, and it is allowed for you to deduce from matn (the basic) that al-khil?f is allowed?.

This is what an intelligent person will not allow, not to talk of a scholar.

Sifatus salaatin Nabiyy p.62.