Shaykhul Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah on Being Patient with An Oppressive Ruler

Monday 28-Jan-2019, 11:21PM / 511

By Aboo Sahl @dhikrulas


Shaykhu-l-islam Ibn Taymiyyah rahmatullaah said the affairs of people be they spiritual and secular cannot be established except there is governance in place. 

Then he narrated some of the textual evidences for this till he said:

 "And it was said: Sixty years under an oppressive leader is better than a night without any authority (governing the affairs of people). "

Then he (Ibn Taymiyyah) said: "Experience has validated this."

I say (Dr. Haafidh bn Muhammad Al Hakamee): "He rahimahuLlaah spoke the truth, a pointer to this is the current state of the people of Somalia and Iraq.The system of government in both countries was once oppressivw and immoral. But the present condition, after the fall of government in both countries, is spilling of blood, violation of honour and destruction of cities...."

Shaykhul Islaam - mercy of Allaah on him - said:

"Thus the pious predecessors like Fudhayl bn 'Iyaadh, Ahmad bn Hanbal and others used to say: If we are opportune to say a duaa' that would be granted (by Allaah), we would say it for the authority (in charge).'"

From the book: Al Ahaadeeth Al Waaridah fee luzoomil Jama'aah p.204