Q&A: 'Can I Read Two Chapters after Faatihah in Salaah?'

Sunday 20-Jan-2019, 3:59PM / 602

Translation: Abu Ubayy Sharif Hamzah

Questioner: Can I recite two chapters (of the Qur'aan) in a Rak'ah after  Faatihah?

Dr Sharaf: Yes, there is nothing bad in it. But you should ensure that the first Surah you recite comes before the second Surah (as arranged in the Qur'aan). An example is reciting Suratul Feel after which you will recite Suratul Kaafiruun.

However, the best is to recite one long Surah because in this Yoruba land the practice is to recite Surahs as they like (without minding the order of the Surahs). It's so pathetic!

An Imaam may recite Suratul Kawthar then follow it with Laqad Jaakum; it is not done this way. Just recite a very long Surah.

You should also try to memorise the Qur'aan. Why is it that your head is full of poems? Your head is full of poems, there is no Qur'an in it.

We should try to memorise the Qur'an, that's it.

(Source: Q&A Session on the tape: Islaam and Sunnah). 

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