Q&A: Can A Traveller Who Joins A Salaah Just Add A Rak'ah to Make Two After the Tasleem of the Resident Imaam?

Thursday 04-Apr-2019, 8:15AM / 611

Translation: Abuu Ubayy Sharif Hamzah 

Questioner: It is it proper for a traveler (who joined the Salaah halfway) to say  the tasleem after the imam had said his final tasleem in prayers of four Rak'ah like Dhuhr, Asr or Ishaa?

Dr Sharaf: That is a vain effort! He will have to repeat his prayer by praying four Rak'ah because he was led by a resident Imaam. 

[Editor's Note: The mas'alah has about seven opinions regarding them, Al-Imaam Ibn Juzayy brought about four in al-Qawaaneen Al-Fiqhiyyah (p.67, Daar Ibn Haytham Edition) one of which is that the traveller can actually say the tasleem if he met just two rak'ah behind the Imaam. Some other scholars have attributed that opinion to Imaam Taawus and Imaam Ash-Sha'bee. Allaah knows better].