The Christians Have Always Wanted to 'Kill' Us

Saturday 10-Nov-2018, 5:10PM / 1206

By: Aboo 'Aamir Ishaaq b. AbdirRaheem  Uploaded: Shawwaal 22, 1439, (05 July, 2018)


The Setting is South-West Nigeria

The Messenger of Islam, Muhammad, may the choicest benediction of Allaah be upon him, has said every newborn is born a Muslim, it is only his father or mother that tries to make him a Jew, a Christian or a Fire-worshipper.

As the kid grew up, he began to wonder which power was behind the creation of the heaven and the earth. He looked around and pondered that definitely the world had not come out of naught. He would earnestly search for a Creator of these phenomena. Then the parental influence came in. His father told him, a Creator existed in Three yet was One, that he had to allow himself to be conceived by a woman and passed through a bloody birth canal, came to life and cried wen wen [or do they say he did not cry at birth?], he was circumcised, breastfed, weaned and allowed to play around with other kids. How lucky were those kid friends? Friends of little god. Later the little god would receive the teachings of the bigger god and start to preach, about what? I am God! He never said that. Though they said he said it, the annals were mumbled-jumbled; Constatine's Council of the Nicaea [Credits to Otayemi Chris] settled the 'dispute.'

All this while, the kid undergoing socialization was confused yet he took after his lovely dad, after all, his father must be sure of the story he was passing down. Haven't the pastors [reverend fathers, as the case may be] been saying the same thing? That the lord came to the world to save his own creation! He was confused still, but that was the way. What else could he do? Would he become a Muslim? Over his dead body! Washing and washing five times a day and knocking the head on the ground? But wait who were the Muslims praying to? It must be the sun! See them always checking the sun movement before they prayed, the sun must be their God. But was 'Allaah' another name for 'sun'? I never heard Sule and Kamaru mention 'sun' as their God. They do say 'Allaah' is the Arabic name for the Creator of the Heavens and the earth. I will never believe that, that is nonsense. My pastor never told me that in the church.

So the Christian child went on in doubts till he saw the light of Islam or died in disbelief. If he were to die in disbelief, he will have no excuse.

As for the Muslim father, he tried to impart the teachings of Islam on his child. He needed not belabour himself, the teachings would automatically fall in. Yes, tell him his Creator did not give birth neither was He given birth to, the kid will be pleased. Tell him, his Creator knows what goes on in the heavens and on earth, he will nod in approval. Tell him, his Creator cannot be seen [but will be seen in Hereafter], he will not disbelieve.

But the moment the Muslim kid steps out, to school, for instance, trouble sets in. The Christians would waylay him telling him he had to accept that a god was actually killed on a cross for his salvation. When he rebuffed them, they began to plot. They might threaten him with expulsion, if he did not join them. Many a Muslim kid, like the Richard Akinjides, would eventually fall.

But when there came a stronger voice for the Muslims, the threat of expulsion became watery, yet the Christians were not relenting. The devil was [and is still] using them actively [a Christian will laugh at this, and that is the truth that will hit him on the face one day].

Even as a primary school pupil, the Muslim kid was not spared of the Christian propaganda. They told him, he must sing the hymns on the assembly ground every day after dancing pitiably. He wondered what was wrong with these masters and mistresses as they swung their bodies to the ecstatic Christian songs.

Jesu k'ore dasile mo e, Jesu k'ore dasile mo e! mo e! Mo e! Mo e! 
L'ojo ajinde awon obinrin l'o sodo jesu awon okunrin l'osapamo s'abe igi.

The Muslim kid would think something was not normal with them. Worst still, they would beat him for not bringing Iwe Orin [Yoruba version of the Song of Praise] to the assembly ground. During prayers, they would compel him to close his eyes, why? The 'father' was best prayed to with closed eyes. Said by who? If he dared open his eyes, they would accuse him of witchcraft! Just like that? 

He would never forget the amirele o Baba olojo oni ho ha after each day of closure.

All this while, there was no respect for the religious rights of the Muslim kid. To hell with his rights; this was a government school, no doubt, but was formerly owned by the Anglican Church, therefore the church rites held sway.

The Muslim kid survived the onslaught all the six years in the primary school. The Christian never knew they were training an enemy that would never forget them.

Then he entered the secondary school, the experience in the primary school was, of course, primary; he was to face a secondary experience now; that was more brutal. 

He was a boarding student, the Christian rites must be respected, on the assembly ground, during prep, before and after eating and during morning devotions!

'Bless this food O Lord for Christ Sake,' would still rattle in his brain, before every meal where you must eat in the Christian-European [satanic] way, spoon on the left.

'Lead Us Heavenly Father Lead Us,' 'Jerusalem on High,' 'All Things Bright and Beautiful,' were among those S-o-P songs he was mercilessly beaten to master. It was a 'crime' not to have a copy of the S-o-P.

Church attendance on Sundays was almost a compulsion. He had been asked to bring a pair of white shirt and trousers, he was not told it was a Sunday wear. The first Sunday he arrived in school, he was asked to put it on and file into the massive and colourful school bus and off to Church in the town. 

The Church service would ever remain boring in his memory, it was not normal. Hymns upon hymns, singing, dancing and dozing. No wonder, they would always place a barrier on the entrance the moment the Church service began, no one should run away, you must listen to the sermons by fire or by force.

Lest he forgets the morning devotions, it was in the Christian way. He would sleep by 1a.m. and forcefully woken up by 4a.m. by the wayward homosexual seniors. 

Jiji moji O Baba m'owa f'ope fun o, moji l'ayo m'osun l'ayo, mo wa yin O l'ogo,were among the early morning songs he would reluctantly sing along the other students. 

Sincerely all the Christians of this country must apologize to all the Muslims of this country. They have almost Christianized us. 

When he managed to sail through all that, and gained an admission into the university, a supposed free world. To his surprise, the Christians were still there waiting for him. On his first day on campus, they did not hide their displeasure at seeing him. Why must he have come to the university? Why not go and learn a trade? The university was for the Christians! Their conduct reflected all that. It was not long before the implementation of their agenda came to place. Christian teachers and non-teachers loathed the Muslim students, especially if she was a female Muslim. He/she was seen as being barbaric because of his/her disposition of Islam. They seemed to be losing the game so the option they had was to tell the Muslim student that they hated him. If he sought their legitimate favour they would turn him down and readily gave it to the James's and Janet's of this world. Yet he survived it.

He has now got a job. The first day in office, he discovered the Christians have strategically positioned themselves in places, fleecing the government. If there was any chance of promotion which they were privy to, they shared it in the Church on Sunday and kept their mouths shut on Monday morning in the office. They sought all the goodies of this world for themselves alone.
They should have wondered, what has made the Muslims to survive these onslaughts? It was and is by the Mercy of Allaah. We remain the best and richest, alhamdulillaah.

The Muslim kid has now grown up and set up a family, with wives and many children. The Nuclear Family you taught him in Family Living is in the trash bin; he has adopted the Extended/Polygamous Family you told him was evil. You go ahead with your 'nuclear' stuff, let him carry on with his 'polygamous' life, we shall all see who will fail.

Yet you go on troubling him, even when you do not feed him. You have looted the government to get money to buy and grab lands. You have focused Ilorin then Iwo now Ede. You have been 'buying' and grabbing lands to build churches, universities here and there. By Allaah, you failed when we were kids, is it now that we are adults that you will succeed? 

You had wanted to kill us then, but we survived your weapons. Here we are calling your bluff. Continue.