Ibn Al-Jazaree Centre Ibadan: Help In the Cause

Sunday 16-Aug-2020, 5:37AM / 838

Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem 

The effort is towards raising the sum of N3m to acquire a negotiated acre of land for an ultra-modern Islamic Centre at Jato Estate, Off Iyana Ajia, Egbeda, Ibadan.

The Centre shall comprise of a Masjid, an Institute of Learning, a Maktabah, an ICT Centre, among others.

N1,000 represents a step. We have 3000 steps to cover. Yet no amount is little.

The time frame is two weeks, Inshaa Allaah. We know only Allaah can grant that.

May Allaah count it in your scale of good deeds on the Day of Resurrection. 

Kindly drop your donations into:

Al-Jazaree Concepts
Zenith Bank Plc

May Allaah reward all.