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Fourth caller: We were about to commence the prayer and the iqaamah had been pronounced however the imam was still arranging the rows. The man who recited the iqaamah then placed his phone on the ground in the interim and the Imam ordered him to repeat the iqaamah stating that he has prostrated to something else beside Allah. Is this statement correct? 

Shaykh: All praise belongs to Allah. The one who placed his phone on the ground has neither prostrated to the phone nor anything else. If all of these were included in the act of prostration then our life would become difficult. If your money dropped and you bowed to get it, would anyone say you&ve prostrated to the money?! The questioner must have made a mountain out of a molehill when he mentioned that the imam said he prostrated to the phone when he bowed to place it on the ground. In any case, the Imam&s order to repeat the iqaamah is incorrect because the iqaamah does not preclude doing other things before salah. Therefore, the man who recited the iqaamah has not erred. Na'am.

Fifth caller: Firstly, if one sets out early for work and customarily observes their salah alone in the house for a long time due to absence of mosque in one&s proximity. Is there any offence in this? Secondly, a businessman who sells some goods for a company at a particular price discovers that the market price of those goods has snowballed the following day. Is it permitted to sell the goods at his desired price?

Shaykh: All praise is due to Allah. Let's fear Allah regarding our questions. If truly the questioner resides in Kogi State, mosques are legion over there. There isn&t a community without a mosque. The desire to be the first to arrive at his workplace in order to earn more money than others could have led him to customarily observe his salah alone in the house. This is quite dangerous for him. Muslim men must not joke with attending the congregation with their brethren in the mosque. You must sedulously observe salah with your Muslim brethren. 

His avarice evidenced by the desire to preempt everyone to the workplace would become history when he passes away. We would eventually leave behind everything we accumulate in this world. We must be moderate in our covetousness for this world. The acts of worship which we trivialize by observing salah alone would be our sole possession after we pass on. The wealth we accumulated, our efforts and strivings in this world won&t attend you after your death, rather they would become a burden on you. I exhort you to observe salah before you set out for work then proceed to your workplace. Whatever Allah has predestined for you would never miss you. 

Concerning the question about the businessman who sells some goods for a company, it's okay if you reduce the price to ease things for the people and if you sell it at the current market price, you haven't done anything wrong. However, remember that if the price plummets again would you sell it at an inflated price?! There&s no doubt that you&d have to reduce the price. Furthermore, if the price falls below the cost price, it&s certain that you would contact the company to inform them but if the market price soars you won't contact the company. Thus, selling it at a reasonable price is the best. The one who provides relief for his brother is the one whom Allah grants relief. 

Sixth caller: Please I'd like to enquire from our shaykh about operating a mutual business with one's husband. 

Shaykh: First and foremost, it's permissible for couples to engage in a mutual business albeit very risky. This is permissible even if it involves non Muslims let alone when they are both Muslims as long as the business is devoid of any prohibited dealings and given that the profits are shared at a specified rate that both parties agree to. They could also engage in a joint business in a manner that the capital is provided by one and the business is run by the other on the terms that the profit would be shared at a specified rate and If any loss is incurred, the burden is born by the funder. There's nothing wrong with this if it happens between couples as it also contributes to increased love between the couple if they both demonstrate integrity. It&s however pathetic that our lives in this epoch are established upon deceit and lack of piety. Almost everyone is a potential fraudster. This is dangerous and could even hinder the sustentation of such marriage. This is more peculiar with the husbands as many intend to defalcate their wives&money and even callously boast about such treacherous actions. Many couples have been summoned to court on account of this, many marriages have been dissolved due to this and a lot of such businesses have resulted in conflicts among many relatives.

Hence, avoiding this is better than doing it and then regretting!! Engage in your businesses separately. It's better for each spouse to establish his/her business separately as averting what could result in your divorce is better that doing it and eventually wallowing in regrets. 

Seventh caller: I'd like to enquire from our shaykh about the ruling on circumcising the female child.

Shaykh: All praise is due to Allah. Circumcising the girl child is described as 'dignity' in the shariah. However, the definition of circumcision in the Islamic purview  isn't the same as the West perception of it which has led them to proscribing it and advocating against it at every hospital and antenatal clinics. The shariah states that an infinitesimal portion of the clitoral hood is excised. Hence, the scholars of shariah have remarked that this procedure won&t even lead to any blood discharge if performed by a proficient individual. In contrast to the pharaonic circumcision which translates to the complete amputation of the female external genitalia leaving her pudendum completely mutilated hence preventing the girl from living a healthy life and hindering her reproductive life and exposing her to sundry dangers during her child bearing age. This contradicts the teachings of the shariah. If anyone were to observe the circumcised genitalia they&d never be able to tell that a procedure was ever done on it.

The term 'dignity' as it's referred to in Islam describes the Islamic aversion to mimicking animals such that a woman becomes excessively lubricious and horny at the slightest stimulus. The shariah intends to retain her natural attraction to men and curtail exaggeration of such attraction. 

Eight caller: Please is it permissible for a woman to undergo family planning without the consent of her husband due to the intense hardship she encounters with her husband on account of his uncompassionate disposition towards her reproductive life?

Shaykh: You already know its impermissible. You know two wrongs don't make a right. Marrying a wife isn't the same as purchasing an item in the market. Your wife isn't a slave rather she is a human just like you. Her comfort is what brings you comfort, whatever transpires between a couple must occur amicably in a manner that ultimately brings safety. You must shun being inconsiderate with your wife by ejaculating into her every time you make love with her. Should it not be that Allah destines women to forget the pain of labor, they would have sworn never to get pregnant after their first child due to the excruciating distress associated with it. 

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