Poetic Arba'oon: Hadeeth One to Five

Wednesday 22-May-2024, 11:05PM / 1939

By: Abu Sahl @dhikrulas

The scholar an-Nawawee,
Aboo Zakariyya; the native of Dimashq,
So ascetic but died at fourty,
Equipped the library with covers,
The least among them is al-Arba'oon.

About  Al-Arba'oon

Reports are from 'Alee,
Ibn Mas'ood and others,
Crowned fourth hadeeth memorisers,
Though graded weak by scholars,
Ibn Ma'een, Aboo 'Umar and others.
Yet an-Nawawee claimed itfaaq,
Neither go far nor bother,
This is the opinion of Ahmad,
Al-Bukharee, Muslim, Ibn Hazm,
Al-Albaanee, Al-Etiyiobee and Muqbil.

The Compilers of Al-Arba'oon

Nothing worth to be left than knowledge,
Money and fame will fade,
So, the scholars that combined al-Arba'oon,
Their bones are now dust,
But, the writings were never rust.

Ibn Mubaarak was the trail blazer,
On the lane were;
Bn Aslam at-Toosee,
Al-Ajooree and al-Asfahaanee,
Bn Sufyān from Nasaa,
Ad-Darqtunee, Aboo Nu'aym and al-Hakim,
Al-Halabee our contemporary,
Many beyond mentioning.

The Contents of the Narrations in al-Arba'oon of An-Nawawee

Hadeeth Number One

Actions are of intention,
Cut across seventy devotions,
Solitary reported by 'Umar,
It 'sabab al-wurood' is glare,
As contains in its text,
But, do away with "Muhaajir Umm Qays"
Mentioned by an-Nawawee in at-Taqreeb,
Likewise in Rajab in Jāmi' al-Uloom.
Graded weak by Ibn Rajab in his Fat'h,
And Al-Etiyiobee in Adh-Dhaakheerah.

Clean your thoughts,
And save your works,
From riyaa and sumu'ah,
Nothing destroys reward save the two,
If an individual ain't a kāfir.

Hadeeth Number Two

The deen is of steps,
As contained in "hadeeth Jibreel"
As reported by ibn 'Umar and his son,
The initial report in Saheeh Muslim,
A retort to Ma'bad al-Juhanee,
The father of Qadariyyah.

It contains levels of Islaam,
Ihsān, Imān and minor signs of the Last Hour,
Asked by Jabraaeel in form of a man.

Hadeeth Number Three 

Islaam is built on five,
Any increment is an imprisonment after life,
Jettisoning the first is disbelief,
Based on the consensus of scholars,
Other are under His Will,
Except when denouncing their obligation.
Even 'taarik-us-salah' based on preponderance,
The evidence is of hadeeth-ush-Shafaa'ah.

Hadeeth Number Four 

AbduLlaahi Ibn Mas'ood,
In the hadeeth of as-Saadiq al Masdooq,
Took the Ummah through embryology,
And the writing of qadar,
Either blessed or otherwise,
As commanded by The Wise,
The pen was lifted,
And the pages have dried,
Only the future is known to Allah,
At tail;
The fājir may be an 'Aabid,
And Aabid may be a fājir.

Hadeeth Number Five

The report from our mother,
Siddeeqah daughter of as-Sideeq.
The religion was cemented,
Since the last breath of the Prophet,
So avoid innovation,
Like the duaa' in congregation.

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