Poetic Arba'oon: Hadeeth Six to Ten

Monday 19-Apr-2021, 2:57PM / 845

By Aboo Sahl (@dhikrulas)

 Hadeeth Number Six

From An-Nu'maan,
The lawful and the forbidden are glaring
Likewise the doubt be avoided,
The vineyars of Allaah is sacred, 
Nobody strays there except an obstinate.
The heart is the commander of the limbs,
Its betterment is seeing via its soldiers,
So crave for its goodness.

Hadeeth Number Seven 

The deen is sincerity,
To Allaah and His Prophet.
Obeying the leaders,
And abandoning revolt,
Either peaceful or bloody.
And admonish colleagues.

Hadeeth Number Eight 

Call to Tawheed is the apex,
With belief succes is granted,
And the blood becomes sacred,
Save a murderer, adulterer and run-away. 

Hadeeth Number Nine

The deen is easy,
Via adhering to two issues,
Obedience and avoidance,
Nobody is burdened beyond his might, 
So avoid unnecessary questions, 
It was the reason the nations past went in shambles. 

Hadeeth Number Ten

Allaah is Beautiful and Good,
Needs nothing, even food,
But demands pure and perfect act of worship,
Islaam is never like George Orwell's farm,
As He commanded the messengers,
He commanded the believers,
All prayers are granted,
Except from who's careless about his intakes.