Poetic Arba'oon: Hadeeth Eleven to Sixteen

Sunday 27-Nov-2022, 2:08PM / 1020

By: Aboo Sahl (@dhikrulas)

Hadeeth Number Eleven

From Aboo Muhammad Al-Hasan,
The son of Aliyy bn Abee Taalib,
Memorised from his grand father;
Leave what you doubt,
To the certainty;
On this lies the maxim;
Certainty cannot be removed with doubt,
So, hold to that what you have done,
And abandon any doubt after any 'ibaadah.

Hadeeth Number Twelve

From Haafidh Al Ummah,
The foremost among the six 'al-mukthiroon'
'Amr upon authentic,
Abdur Rahmaan upon widespread,
Disputed about his name,
As mentioned by Ibn Abdil-Barr, Al Haafidh,
As Sana'aanee and then Al-Etiyiobee.

"Ones Islam is good,
As long as he's free from pokenosing,
But the da'wah is general;
Concerns all and sundry,
Once there is ability,
To educate or alleviate doubt."

Hadeeth Number Thirteen

From the father of Hamzah,
Anas bn Maalik,
The servant of the Messenger,
Whose worthy in worth,
Well versed in the science of Al-Qur'aan.

"Loving ones brother,
As you love thyself,
Aids the soundness of Eemaan"

Hadeeth Number Fourteen

From bn Mas'ood,
Said the Prophet,
The blood of a Muslim is sacred,
Save from these three,
Adulterer murderer and tergiversator.

Hadeeth Number Fifteen

From Haafidhul Ummah,
The Messenger mentioned,
To speak good or mute,
Honour the neighbor and the visitor,
If thee believe in Aakhirah.

Hadeeth Number Sixteen

From Him;
A man sought advice,
But, the Messenger said more than twice,
"Do not be angry!"