Green Coriander Leaves: A Great Cleanser of the Kidney

Sunday 25-Nov-2018, 8:15AM / 1040

As years pass by, our kidneys filter the blood by removing salt and any unwanted bacteria entering our body, Allaah the Mighty and Sublime willing. 

With time, salt accumulates in our kidney and it needs to undergo cleaning treatment. How are we going to do this? 

Here is a simple way to do it. Take a bunch of fresh green corriander leaves (ebolo in Yoruba Language; nchanwu in Igbo Language), then wash it. Cut it in small pieces, then put it in a clean pot with black seeds (powder or seeds), then add clean water and boil the mixture for ten to fifteen minutes. let it cool down a bit. 

Do not filter it. Pour it in a clean bottle or a container and allow it to cool down. 

Drink one glass everyday and you will notice all salt and other accumulated impurities coming out of your kidneys during urination. You will be able to notice the difference yourself!

Fresh green Coriander plus the Black seed (seeds or powder) is known as one of the best cleansing treatments for the kidneys. And its natural with no side effects, alhamdulillah.

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Information supplied by Al-Hikmah Islamic Medical Centre, Ilorin, Kwara State. For more Islamic health tips and advice call the director on 0806 561 7515.