Ash-Shaykh Al-Uthaymeen on Effects of Evil Companionship

Friday 26-Jun-2020, 11:49PM / 132

Al-Imaam Saalih Ibn Al-Uthaymeen - rahimahullahu - said:

'How often we see a person who tries to be upright but is with an evil companion thus he can't come out of the evil but when he distances himself from such an evil companion that becomes one of his means to guidance!' 

Source: Nur ala ad-Dar'b, 374

Via Abdulhakeem al-Wahraanee

‏وكم من إنسان هَمَّ أن يستقيم ولكنه بقي مع الرفقة غير 
المستقيمة فعجز، فإذا أبعد عنه كان ذلك من أسباب الهداية 

[ العلامة ابن عثيمين / نور على الدرب"٣٧٤" ]