When With the Teacher (I)

Thursday 04-Mar-2021, 1:25PM / 204

The teacher of the Islamic knowledge is not like the teacher of mundane knowledge. 

Even the mundane teachers, like those who taught us English Grammar and Geometry, we ought to accord them respect. 

But talking about the Islamic teachers, we must go a long mile short of idolizing them.

Talk of respect, love, reverence, awe, bashfulnes, etc, they are for the Islamic teachers.


They are the ones Allaah uses to convey the Message He sent to his Dear Prophet (sallaLaaahu alayhi wasallam) to us. Without them, we will be like animals. 

The Messenger of Allaah (sallaLaaahu alayhi wasallam) did decribe them as his inheritors. They inherited everything but prophethood from him (sallaLaaahu alayhi wasallam). 

So always respect your teachers.

Respect for teachers is what is lacking in many learners of today. No wonder many of the claims to knowledge flying about are bereft of blessings.

Some people were useless learners so they became useless teachers devoid of blessings. 

هَل جَزاءُ الإِحسانِ إِلَّا الإِحسانُ
'Is any reward for goodness if not goodness?' 
[Ar-Rahmân: 60]

So the reward for a bad attitude is a bad recompense as well. 

كما تدين تدان 
What you sow you reap. 

May Allaah safeguard all of us. 

Some learners incurred legitimate curse from their teachers due to the bad attitude they showed to the latter.

Muhammad bn Ajlaan - rahimahullaah - was a scholar in his time, not a perfect one though especially from the perspective of his retentiveness. Some four students - Maleeh bn Waqee (bn al-Jarraah), Hafs bn Ghiyaath, Abdullah bn Idrees and Yusuf bn Khaalid al-Bustee - once entered upon him and played a fast one on him save Abdullaah bn Idrees who backed out at the last minute. They came to him to ask questions to bring him down! The teacher caught them in their dangerous game and cursed each of them. 

Yusuf bn Khaalid became a zindeeq (deviant) later in life, Maleeh became useless and Hafs suffered from hemiplegia (a form of paralysis). 

(Ibn Rajab al-Hambalee recorded it in Shar'h Ilal At-Tirmidhee (1/431) quoting from ar-Raamhur'muzee - may Allaah bestow mercy on both). 

How many are students who do worse things with their teachers today?

How many? 

Your teacher may not be perfect - in fact he will not - but that you take him a teacher or is made your teacher requires that you are sincere with him. You also need to trust him. 

The teachers here are those upon the Sunnah and the way of the Salaf, who are known for their good character and behaviour, not the fussaaq and the insolent ones. 

Ordinarily, you are not expected to learn from followers of whims and desires, and those with questionable and despicable character. 

Inshaa Allaah, in the next edition.