When With the Teacher (Il)

Thursday 11-Mar-2021, 12:08PM / 171

Always ensure you are not late to the scheduled class of your teacher.

A scheduled class with your teacher should take a priority in your day, after the acts of worship.

So an impact aspect of that priority is that you are not late to the place of study. 

It is awkward to make your teacher wait for you in class. So the normal thing is for every learner to get settled in class before the arrival of the teacher.

There are a lot of benefits in being early to class, one of which is that the learner will have the opportunity to be close to the teacher to pick every detail of the lesson. 

And in an event where reading is in turns (like in Qur'aan presentation to teachers), you will always have the audience of your teacher as an early comer.

Al-Imaam as-Sha'bee - rahimahullaah - was asked how he could amass such an enormous knowledge, he said:

'By shunning staying in a place, by travelling all around, being patient like a donkey and being early (to class) like a ghuraab (crow).' (Ar-Rihlah: 196)

Al-Imaam as-Sam'aanee - rahimahullaah - reported from Al-Imaam al-Far'aaanee - rahimahullaah - that he said: 'We were in the class Abdussamad bn al-Fadl and the door was closed against us after which a man came and knocked at the door heavily. Abdussamad said to one of us: 'Rise and check out who is there; if he is one of these rationalists let him in but if he is from the people of hadeeth, disallow him.' One of those present asked him: 'Isn't it better we open the door for a person of hadeeth?' He said: 'No, it befits the rationalists because this matter here is for the people of hadeeth, so why would a person of hadeeth not come early? So it is not for the rationalists, so they are excused for coming late.' (Adab al-Imlaa, p.112).

As earlier said, coming early to close is always better.

Al-Haafidh al-Iraaqee - rahimahullaah - favoured those who used to sit closer to the teacher over those who used to sit far away from him in an event of differences between the two groups.

It is known that one of what can make one sit closer to the teacher is when one comes early to class.

May Allaah grant us the proper understanding of the Deen.