O Caller, When They Hurt You, Check Yourself

Tuesday 26-Sep-2023, 4:16AM / 807

Al-Imaam Shamsudeen Adh-Dhahabi - rahimahullah - said:

فكم من رجل نطق بالحق ، وأمر بالمعروف ، فيسلط الله عليه من يؤذيه لسوء قصده ، وحبه للرئاسة الدينية ، فهذا داء خفي سار في نفوس الفقهاء ، كما أنه داء سار في نفوس المنفقين من الأغنياء

'Someone may speak the truth, command what is good, forbid what is evil, yet Allaah will impose over him those that will hurt him because of his evil intention ab initio, and love for fame. This (evil intention and love for fame) is an endemic disease in the hearts of (some) jurists as well as in the hearts of the rich who spend (on others)...' Siyar A'laam an-Nubalaa 18/192