Three Slippery Spots for the Seekers of Knowledge

Monday 12-Feb-2024, 4:47AM / 334

Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem 

The three imminent banes, whenever you see them in any student of knowledge, who is in his youthful age, then stamp it for him that he will never succeed in his pursuit of knowledge unless he repents and Allaah rectifies his affairs and shows him His Mercy. 

Frequently varying and flaunting his opinions and  impatiently issuing verdicts at his tender age. this is a fundamental frailty that will soon cause his downfall.. 

Daring eminent scholars and discrediting them, belittling their knowledge and prying into their mistakes, even though he initially acquires his knowledge through them, [his example is] like one who loosens her yarn after it's been firmly woven

Seeking popularity and fame and boasting about what he 'said', 'wrote', 'preached', 'taught' and those he learned from, likewise arrogating precedence and flawlessness to himself.

O student of knowledge, take it easy!!

 Be careful and calm down, you cannot surpass your predecessors and we don't need you to bring new things. There is nothing left than to 'follow', as you have been sufficed in the matters of this religion.

Then give your predecessors their due regard. They have an upper hand over you, if not for them, the knowledge you are bragging about will not reach you.

Also know that the mere opinion of these eminent people is better than your own conviction and their thought and assessment of you is better for you than what you think about yourself.

Beware putting mouth in a matter without having a referenceable scholar before you on it.

-Be warned! Never tread the path of knowledge alone by yourself.

Ponder over the thousands of people that were buried and their massive knowledge too was buried with them. As a result, we do not even have a trace of them nor hear a slightest hush from them. If not that their names had been documented in the depths of books, we wouldn't even know they were created some time before. 

Therefore, learn and act only for Allaah sake. For only what is for Allaah will remain and retain. 

Written by: Dr Badr Bn Alee Bn Taamee, Al-Utaybee, hafidhahullaah, translated by Abu Nuaym, Tayyib Al-Imaam 

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