O Salafee, This is My Advice for You...

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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem 

‏يا أيها الســلفـي خذ بنصيحــتي
#واسمع هديت إلى رضا الرحمــن
O you Salafee, take to my advice # and listen, you will be guided to the pleasure of the Most Gracious.

لا تقتــرب نحـــو "الجدال" فــإنّه
#داءٌ يشكــــك في عُـــرى الإيمــانِ
Do not approach al-Jidāl (argument) # because it is a disease that casts doubt to the bonds of Faith.

ودع "التعصب" للــرجــال فـــإنّه
#ديــن اليــهــود وزمـرة الشيــطانِ
Shun al-Ta‘aṣṣub (bigotry) to particular people (of knowledge); # it is the way of the Jews and the sect of Shayṭān.

واشكر حماة العلم واعرف قدرهم
#واحذر سبيل "مــجــرّحٍ" فـتّــــانِ
Appreciate the Guardians of Knowledge and acknowledge their values, # and be wary of the path of the turbulent Mujarriḥ (criticizer)

‏والزم سبيــل الســـالفين فإنهم
#نـــور يــدل التـــائـــه الحـيــرانِ
Stick to the path of the Salaf (the predecessors), # for they are the light which guides the confused stray person.

واحذر سبيل الظلم والعدوان لا
#تظلم، وخف مــن نقمــة الديّانِ
Beware of the path of injustice and aggression; # do not engage in injustice, and fear the resentment of Ad-Dayyān (Allāh, the Judge)

أشغل زمانك بالعــبادة والتـقى
#والــعلــمِ والتــعـليمِ كـــلَّ أوانِ
Occupy your time with worship and devotion, # learning and teaching all the time.

واترك بضاعة من تردى سوقهم
#في نيــل عــرض فــلانةٍ وفـــلانِ
Leave the goods of those whose merchandise has suffered loss # in the cause of blackmailing people.

‏واخلع مصاحبة الجهول وذي الهوى
#مــن كـــل مبـــتــدعٍ وعـش بأمــــانِ
Disjoint yourself from the company of the ignorant and people of desire # (also) from all mubtadi‘ (innovator), and live safely.

ودع الكـــلام بــمـــا يــضــرك قــوله
#لا تحــقــر الـــذرات فـي المــــيـزانِ
Stay away from words which may harm you (on the Day of resurrection); # Do not belittle any atom on the Mīzān (Scale).

وإذا تنــــــازع عـالمــان فــدعــهـمـا
#للشــرعِ لا للــظــلم والـــعــدوانِ
When two Scholars disagree, leave them, # for the Shar‘ – religious rite; (do not interfere) for injustice and aggression.

‏لا تنـتــصر للنــفس أو لـمــعظَّمٍ
#من غيــرِ ما ديـــنٍ ولا بـــرهـــانِ
Do not support for the sake of personality or dignity # without religious authority or proof.

فالكــل آت فــي القيــامةِ وحده
#والحــكمُ لله العـــظــيم الشــــانِ
Because everyone will come on the Day of resurrection individually # and Judgment (on that Day) belongs to Allāh Almighty. 

ودع الكــلام عـن الــرجال لعـالمٍ
#(عدلٍ) (تقـيٍ) (صـادقٍ) (رباني)
Leave the talk about people (al-Jarḥ wal-ta‘dīl – criticism and praise) for the scholar # who is just, pious, truthful and godly.

وصن اللسان عن الشتائم والأذى
#كم باللســـانِ يُـــزف للنيـران
Protect your tongue from insulting and hurting (others) # for many will be hastened to Hell due to (the sins of) their tongues.

‏واحــذر تُســرّ بـــزلةٍ مـن مسـلمٍ
# ÙˆÙ‚Ù„: المحــامدُ للـذي عـافــاني
Beware of being pleased with the slip of Muslims # rather say “Praise be to Him, who have saved me (from such slip)”

واستر عيوب الغافلين وقل: ولي
#عيبٌ، وستـــرُ الله قـــد غطــاني
Conceal the imperfection of the sinner and say: # “I also have faults only that concealment of Allāh has covered me”

وافــرح بتــوبة تائبٍ واحفــل به
#وكـــأنّــه ما جــــاء بالعصــــيانِ
Rejoice in the repentance of the penitent and celebrate him, # just as if he has not committed the sin.
إياك "والتعيير" في ذنبٍ مضـى
#من تــائـبٍ، فـالله ذو الغــفــرانِ
Beware of taunting a penitent for a past sin # because Allāh is All-forgiving.

فاقبل نصيحة مشفق في نصحه
#والزم بها يا صاح كل زمان
So, take (my) advice (as a) compassionate counselor, # stick to it – my friend – forever.

Composed by Dr Badr bn Alee al-Utaybee, hafidhahullaah, translated by Aboo Ayman, Yusuf Oyelade. 

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